Error Code 0x80300024 in Windows 10 {Solved}

Error Code 0x80300024 in Windows 10

Windows 7 and Windows 10 users are most likely to encounter an error of 0x80300024 when installing and reinstalling Windows. Users also complain of experiencing this error while upgrading their system to Windows 10. There are different errors that one may encounter at different stages of the installation of Windows. 0x80300024 is the most commonly experienced and hence one looks for several guides to fix this error.

There may be several reasons attached for experiencing error reasons associated with it are lack of sufficient hard space, corrupted hard drive, the user might have probably inserted a USB drive in the wrong port, and lose the connection between the installation drive and installation destination. The Windows Error Code 0x80300024 appears on the user’s screen with a message indicating “Windows is unable to install to the selected location”.

Error Code 0x80300024 in Windows 10

Well, the following guide provides the solution to such errors experiencing while installation. A user looking to troubleshoot such error for smooth functioning can undoubtedly look for the following solutions. The guide not only focuses on one solution but six solutions one can try to fix such errors.

How to Fix Error Code 0x80300024 in Windows 10

Let us have a quick look at these solutions to get rid of Error Code 0X80300024:


Hard drive plays an important role while installing or upgrading Windows. It becomes essential for every user to take note of hard drives. If the user has more than one hard drive except one which is used as an installation destination available on its system, the other hard drive may interfere with the installation process resulting in Error Code 0x80300024.

In such a case, the first step is to remove the additional hard drives that you don’t want to install Windows on from your computer. After that, the user can consider trying to install the Operating System again and check if the error persists. The additional hard drive can be attached back to the system once the Windows is successfully installed.


If one is using a USB port to install the operating system one can face the Error Code of 0x80300024. The error normally occurs when the user plugs the USB port into the wrong port for installing Windows. This is the most common problem faced by any individual trying to install Windows from a USB with the help of an appropriate installation media. Although the error can be easily solved by switching the USB port 2.0 to USB port 3.0 or vice versa. Consider reinstalling the Windows, there are very least chances for the failure, however, if the error persists user can also try the other solutions below.


If the hard drive which is also the destination drive is not set as the primary boot, error 0x80300024 can also be displayed on the user’s screen. The user should compulsorily set the hard drive used as the installation destination at the top of the computer’s boot order. Initially, on startup, every disc order is arranged by the computer’s BIOS where the Windows are loaded up. This error can be easily resolved by confirming that the hard drive which is the destination of installation is at the topmost location of the Windows boot order. In case it is not, follow these procedures:

STEP 1: First, switch on your computer system

STEP 2: The next step is to enter the computer’s BIOS/SETUP. After you boot up your computer on the screen you can easily find instructions to press a specific key. Delete F1 or F2 are the keys likely used to enter the computer’s BIOS/startup.

STEP 3: Following the previous step, locate for your computer’s boot order or configuration in the BIOS. The boot order is usually located under the BIOS’s BOOT tab.

STEP 4: Subsequently set the hard drive on the top of the computer’s boot order in which you are trying to install Windows.

STEP 5: In the BOOT section of BIOS make sure that you have selected “UEFI” as the boot mode.

STEP 6: Finally save and exit the computer’s BIOS.

Lastly, restart the Windows installation and check if the installation procedure goes through successfully.


As discussed earlier, the hard drive plays an important role in the installation of Windows. Formatting of a hard drive that serves as the destination of installation is important, in case it has been used earlier and is not a freshly created partition.

However the data already present in it, might cause interference hindering the installation process. The installation files find no room on the drive and result in the display of error 0x80300024. Due to this reason, users are always advised to keep a check on the hard drive and is recommended to format it before installation. If the data in the installation serves as the root cause of the error, completely formatting the hard drive should resolve the error.

Take note of the following steps to format the installation drive:

STEP 1: The first step is to insert the bootable Windows installation media into the user’s computer and restart the system. The creation of Windows Installation media would be necessary in case you do not have one.

STEP 2: As soon as the computer starts up, always remember to boot from the inserted installation media.

STEP 3: After following the previous step, take note and configure the language, keyboard, layout, and other preferences.

STEP 4: Click on Custom option on being asked about kind of Windows installation.

STEP 5: Consequently click on Drive options on being asked about the location of Windows to be installed.

STEP 6: Then click on the partition of your hard drive that the user wants to install Windows on to and select it and immediately click on the format.

STEP 7: Make confirmation of your action and proceed to the next step.

STEP 8: Be patient enough for the drive partition to be completely formatted and then move on to option NEXT and click on it to proceed with the installation process.

STEP 9: In case the previous effect fails to be successful, then select the drive and click on DELETE instead of FORMAT.

STEP 10: The previous step will lead to the conversion of the hard drive into unallocated space and further can be allocated again.

STEP 11: Also, create a new partition again and install Windows again.

STEP 12: Meanwhile if the error persists click on DELETE again and let it stay as unallocated space.

STEP 13: Further, boot from the installation media and finally select the unallocated space to install Windows.

STEP 14: At last, recheck if the error continues to persist.


The faulty or corrupted hard drive can also be one of the reasons for the error 0x80300024 displayed on your computer screen. Dying or already corrupted hard drive can certainly prevent the installation of Windows and therefore fails the operation. Replacement of hard drive could be the only last option solution in case of a hard drive. Therefore it is important to check your hard drive carefully before proceeding with the installation procedure. This solution is bound to get rid of error 0x80300024.


The guide brings the last solution one can try to get the rid error of 0x80300024. One of the other possibilities of the error could be a corruption of partition tables of the drive. Diskpart can be used to solve this error. DISKPART is a partitioning utility in Windows which can perform various operations in drives with the help of series of command lines. DISKPART is the most suitable option to solve the errors in partition tables. Therefore, the following steps below will help to resolve this issue :

STEP 1: First and foremost step is to identify the ” SYSTEM” partition when all the partitions are listed up by the setup and make sure that the user notes down its name.

STEP 2: Second Press ” SHIFT + F10 ” and immediately type in DISKPART.

STEP 3: Meanwhile type ” LIST DISK” to list down all the partitions.

STEP 4: Type in ” SELECT DISK”(Please note if the number of the partition was 2 then the user would type SELECT DISK 1)

STEP 5: The next step is to type CLEAN and press ENTER.

STEP 6: Finally recheck whether you have got rid of the error 0x80300024.


Here, we come to the end of the guide on how to fix Error 0x80300024 while installing Windows. We sincerely hope this guide would have guided you to solve the error occurring while up-gradation or installation. All the solutions can help you to the best of our knowledge. We hope we could also aid you further with guides like this. Thank You.