Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200

Windows update is a service provided by Microsoft. This error occurs while updating Windows from an older version of windows to a new Windows version through Windows Update Assistant Utility. The updating process fails with this error. The update occurs mainly when a person tries to update Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. Sometimes this error code 0xc1900200 fails the updating process. These errors are common in Windows 10. The error message comes which says that Something Went Wrong or You can contact Microsoft support for help with the error.

Windows automatically downloads and installs Microsoft Windows Software Updates using the Internet. Through Windows update web app that performs automatic updates, critical update notification, and windows update for business purposes, including features like Pro, Enterprise, and Education Editions of Windows 10.

Causes of Error Code 0xc1900200 in Windows 10

According to the user survey report, we tried to look into the problems or causes of error. Many repairing strategies have been adopted, which were suggested by the affected users, and to some extent, it has solved the issue. But still, there are some cases due to which this error occurs:

  1. Sometimes Minimum Specifications are not met, and Windows 10 cannot be updated or installed on every configuration. If the computer also consists of low specifications, then this error occurs, and the update is failed.
  2. Glitched WU component is one of the causes for triggering this error, resulting in an inconsistency with one or more windows update components. Either manually or by the automated agent can solve this problem.
  3. Another cause is when there is insufficient space for the reserved partition. Space is required for swapping data in a free manner. It is also caused by low space in a disk. The best solution is to enlarge the partition rather than to delete useless files.
  4. The error occurs because system files become corrupted because of the problem in the saving process. It usually occurs if the computer crashes or lose some power.

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code 0xc1900200

1. Verifying The Minimum Requirement

In this method, to check or verify the minimum requirements if the computer does or not meet the minimum requirements to download or install the update of Windows 10. To check the computer’s upgrade eligibility is through Window’s 10 GET app by following the below-given steps-:

Step 1: Click the Windows update icon present on the lower right corner of your computer.

Step 2: In the windows GET app, click on the options button, which appears like three horizontal lines.

Step 3: Click on the option labeled “Check your computer” under getting the upgrade section. One can also manually check if your computer can meet the minimum requirements.

2. Resetting Windows Update Cache

In this method, if you are unable to handle the upgrading process of windows update. One has to reset all relevant pr important window components to solve the issue. Dozens of affected users have confirmed that windows have upgraded completely in a successful manner after following one of the procedures explained above. When you have to reset all relevant Windows components, there are different guides one can follow-

Firstly, one can go either go for a manual route. Secondly, rely on elevate CMD prompt. Thirdly, you can use an automatic WU agent if the whole operation can be fast-forwarded.

Reset WU Components Through Automatic Agent

Step 1: Visit Microsoft Technet Page from your default browser and download reset windows and update agent script.

Step 2: Wait patiently for the initial download to complete.

Step 3: Double click on ResetWUENG.exe once the content of the archive is extracted. Follow the on-screen instructions to run the script on your computer.

Step 4: When the process is complete, restart your computer and wait for the next startup to complete. Then, retry the update procedure once again and see if the error code 0xc1900200 is solved.

Reset WU Components Through Elevated CMD Window

To do this, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press Windows key + R for opening the run dialog box. Then type cmd inside the text box and press ctrl+ shift+ Enter to open the elevated command prompt. Then one will see UAC, a user account control prompt, to click on the Yes button to grant administrative privileges.

Step 2: Inside the command prompt, one has to type the commands and press Enter after each command to stop all the important WU processes from running. These commands will help to stop the windows update service, the MSI installed and Cryptographic service, etc.

Step 3: Once the components stop working, run the commands in order and press the Enter key after each one to rename the folders of SoftwareDistribution and Catroot2 to eradicate the possibility of corrupted OS components. These folders are responsible for holding the temporary files used by Windows Update.

Step 4: Restart your computer. The booting procedure is complete to attempt to start upgrading the procedure and check if it manages to complete without the error code 0xc1900200.

3. To Expand The Reserved Partition

To expand the reserved partition for removing the error in Windows 10 update. To free up space, follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Right-click on “partition next” to target partition.

Step 2: Select Resize/Move. Then drag partition ends for freeing up space, which enables us to leave enough unallocated space behind the target partition.

Step 3: Then click on the OK button.

4. To Perform The Repair Install

For performing the repairing install may solve the issue of windows10 update error. If the above-mentioned methods or solution does not help the user solve the error occurring in the Windows 10 update, this last method is performed to repair the install. It allows users to repair any system file corruption examples by replacing each Windows component, including booting related processes.

The benefit will have to be that it will not affect your files saved on your computer. The operation will be completed while keeping your various applications, games, media, etc safe and secure.

After performing the repair install operation by following every instruction and after its completion, retry the updating procedure and check if it completes without giving any error. If it does so, then the issue is solved permanently.


I hope this above article, with all the necessary solutions for solving the error occurring in the Windows 10 update, helps you solve your error and proves helpful and useful for gaining some information or knowledge about the error if it occurs in your windows future. If these methods do not prove helpful, one can contact the help and support team of professionals to solve the error code 0xc1900200.