10 Alternatives To 5Movies And Similar Websites


5 movies comes under a list of best streaming sites for movies. This requires no registration and it have all the movies and series ranging from old to latest ones. What attracts most of users towards it is the ability to watch the movies for free. Also,there is no compromise in quality and you can even download the shows you want to watch later.

It also allows you to have backups through the multi streaming facility. The only point where it lacks is that it disturbs and irritates us while watching series by showing lots of ads. It is most prominent in United states and other similar english speaking countries.

The quality is uncompromisable and these features always attracts the audience to come daily and watch fresh content. There are a lot of movies of different genres like from romance to action, from comedy to horror and it even provides content for kids.


All you have to do is visit the website,look for a movie which interests you and click on it to watch and entertain yourself. Today,we will have a look at some of the other alternatives to 5 movies in case you are unable to access this website anyway.

10 Alternatives To 5 Movies

Take a look.

1. Solar Movies

If you want to download some free movies and want to watch them for free,alternative websites like solar movies are a great option which are easily accessible too. It also allows you to watch music videos for free. Latest movies and shows are also available on their website. It is a great option.

2. Movie4k

Movies 4k tv allows you to stream for free various shows with the help of different hosting platforms. This also takes a help of open load. It is very user friendly app and sort for your convenience. You don’t need to play tug of war between different movies and shows available.

The website allows you to sort movies from different genres and get a perfect one for yourself. You can search on the basis of quality too. This website is a very good option and you can obviously have a look at it once.

3. Hub Movies

Hub movies is an another alternative to 5 movies which is worth to take in consideration. What makes it different from other websites available is that it provides you with proper safety in addition to entertainment. You can stream movies and shows for free. Another great facility is itsHD services.

It allows its users to get entertain ment in HD quality. It has a very big library which is very safe and also fastest among other options available. All these services are for free and that’s the reason you should surely visit the website and enjoy its amazing services for free.

4. Movie Watcher

Movie watcher is the app which provides you proper security against malware. If you are looking for apps or sites on which you can watch free movies,you will find hundred of them.

But the quality that makes movie watcher site different from others are it do not frustrate you by popping up ads in between shows. By using movie watcher,you can enjoy shows without those frequent ads. Movie watcher do not have any malware and provides amazing experience to its users.

5. Megashare

Megashare website is quite similar to primewire. On the website,you will find an amazing user interface setup. You can watch the content on megashare for free and all the latest movies and shows are available. It specialises in action and thriller movies.

It have a lot of content available from this genre to watch. This app do not takes your time by asking you to login or make a new account. It is very user-friendly app and allows you to watch content without following typical steps like making a profile.

All the hit movies are available to watch and content related to TV shows can also be enjoyed. The amazing user interface provides you with an alternative option to watch a particular show through different link on website if the former is not working. It also has IMDb which provides you an assistance to select movies according to your interests and save you from getting tangled in the choices available.

6. HDonline

If you love using yesmovies site,then you will surely love HDonline too. HD online also don’t ask you to make an account or login before watching shows. As the name itself says It provides you with HD quality of content. It can be used for free and do not costs a single penny. Obviously,you need to use data and hence,pay for it.

This app is best for you if you want to stream online and don’t want to download such long movies and waste your time. The functioning of site is glitch free and smooth as the app keeps on updating itself time to time to provide its users with all the necessary facilities. It uses multiple servers to show content and is protected by HTTP. So,you can watch all the latest Tv shows,movies and webseries and the time spent will be worth it.

7. Haloa Movies

These app have a lot of options to watch from. Its database is just amazing and lacks no where in providing latest contents. For the ones who love watching old movies or shows,this app is for you! Haloa movies is free site. This also have a menu option where all the old movies,top rated movies are sorted and it also sorts movies year wise, ao you will not face any difficulty watching content of your choice.

It do not specialises in particular genre and have comedy, animation, drama,  romance, etc. What makes the site better is it have movies sorted according to different countries also. So you can select the country whose content you love to watch and Haloa movies will provide you with a whole list of movies produced in a particular country. It also have IMBd feature which contains the rating of movies and helps you to select a movie according to its rating.

8. Vumoo

Vumoo is a very famous app and is giving a tough competition to other streaming apps like fmovie. The app is amazing and provides high quality content.It functions very smoothly and app tries its best to keep itself updated. This confirms the smooth flow and do not frustrates the users with problem in loading and frequent errors.

It is properly organised and users can use Vumoo very easily. You just need to select a genre or simply type the name of movie i search bar. The app works very fast and load movies accordingly. You can also select the quality by yourself like HD,normal or Full HD. The user interface works brilliantly and do not requires you to perform several steps before streaming.

Just simply visit the website,think of a movie and it is ready to watch for free. You should definitely give Vumoo website a try and you will love it.

9. M4ufree

M4u free -the name itself says that it is a free app and allows you to stream your your favourite shows for free. It is an amazing website and do not lag behind in updating itself with latest movies,

TV shows and webseries. It is well sorted app,which organises thousands of movies according to different genres, releasing year and the rating too.

Besides the movies,it also keep itself updated with latest episodes of premium TV shows. It features amazing quality and the user don’t need to waste time in following certain steps before streaming. It provides content of every genre like action, thriller, horror, documentary, sci-fi, comedy, history, animation, fantasy, crime, mystery, war and sports also.

You can watch the family content too. It have all types of content ranging from short movies to the long ones. You will definitely find your favourite content to watch in M4ufree. It have movies from year1996 till now.

10. Los Movies

This alternative is the last one and worth to use.It is very friendly for users. It have some unique qualities which differentiates it from other alternatives available. You will find all the top rated movies one step ahead and you can watch any of them to kill boredom. In addition to ratings,it also allows its users to read reviews of different people and then select content to watch accordingly.

In the era of social world, Lomovies also provide its users an option to share the season on their accounts. They can tell people about app. It also have subtitles facility. You can download them and hence,enjoy the shows of different language too.


These were 10 amazing alternatives to 5movies app in case you want to try something new or are unable to access 5 movies in any way. These apps are worth using and all of them are for free. You can select the one which provides you with all the facilities that you need and can easily access it by just searching for it. So, enjoy watching movies through these apps and have a good streaming time.