Afdah Movies I Afdah Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

Who does not like watching movies? Of course, most of us love movie entertainment. Movies entertain us and keep us happy for some time in our busy and hectic schedules. Afdah is one such platform which offers movie online for free. There are many platforms like Afdah that offer free movie streaming.

Afdah is a popular and most loved online movie streaming website. Easy UI and easy navigation attract users. Compatible on devices like phone, desktop, etc. movies can be sorted by genre, year, country. You can also find recently added movies on this site. World wide movies are available on this site. It is a very secure website.

Best Sites like Afdah to watch movies online

Yes Movies

YesMovies are the best alternative to Afdah to watch movies online for free. It consists of a very large collection of movies. Different types of genres of movies are available on this website. it offers movie streaming of genres like comedy, action, horror, sports, romance, drama, animated, and many more.

A short description of the summary of the movie, genre, year, and some additional information is provided for each movie. If you want to stream it on android, then use the Android APK and install it on the website. A search bar is made available for users, where they can easily search for their favorite movies to watch.

An additional button that allows you to switch to old UI is also present on the home page. This platform is not only for movie lovers but also for watching Tv shows. The annoying factor of this site is its on-click ads, that pop-up as soon as you hit play. Apart from this drawback, this site is the best alternative to Afdah.


  • Very modern and latest UI
  • Summary and description of the movie
  • The best site for TV shows and movies
  • Registration is not required


  • On-click ads
  • All movies may not be in HD quality


GoMovies is an excellent site like Afdah that offer full-time TV shows and movies to watch online. As this site is free, you need not require to register for anything to stream online movies. It consists of a huge library with various titles and genres such as comedy, action, thriller, horror, romance, animated, drama, and more. you can also filter your search in alphabetical order from the A-Z list, also by IMDB rating, country, release year, etc.

Almost all the movies are added to its library as soon as they are released. But they are restricted to CAM quality instead of Full HD quality. As this website is updated more frequently, the CAM quality will soon be corrected. This makes users choose this website more.


  • Large library
  • Registration is not required
  • Full HD movies are available


  • Too many ads pop-up
  • Many movies are available still in CAM quality only


If you could not find what you are searching in the previous sites, then MovieZAP is where you have to search. It consists of a huge library of movies and TV shows to provide entertainment. All the newly released movies are added to its library as soon as they come out but they are available in sport CAM quality only until they get better.

A lot of movies and TV shows are in various genres are available. You can even filter your search from A-Z, top listed movies based on IMDB rating, and many more filters. You can also search for the actors and get to know more about them in MovieZAP.

Any registration is not at all required to watch movies on MovieZAP, but if you want to contribute something to the site, then you can register. A lot of ads appearing on the homepage annoy people from visiting the site. These ads may come along with bright UI. Keeping aside this disadvantage, everything else is much appreciable about this site.


  • Continuous updating of movies and adding new movies
  • Huge library of Full HD movies
  • Top IMDB rated movies
  • Registration is also not required


  • A lot of CAM quality movies are still not corrected
  • Annoying ads

Los Movies

Los Movies is one of the popular sites and a very good replacement for Afdah. It offers a large list of movies to the audience. You can stream any movie from action, horror, comedy, thriller, romance, fantasy, and many more. You can choose your favorite genre movie to watch. The innovative and attractive user interface makes it very easy to access movies with decent loading times.

You can filter your search based on A-Z format, Highest IMDB ratings, actors, directors, cast and crew, year, country, etc. Most of the users prefer this method to binge-watch their favorite actors or director movies. The saddening feature of this site is its bright layout and quite a lot of ads. But if you keep them aside and ignore, then this site is worthy to watch your favorite movies.


  • Innovative UI
  • Very extensive library with different genres
  • Filter your movie search based on director and actor.


  • Bright layout disappointing users.
  • Ads that disturb and irritate the user.


FilmClub is the most famous and excellent site with a large library of movies as well as an innovative User Interface and modern site. Every movie is listed according to its genre, actor, director, year, country, and much more. the most eye-catching feature of this site is, it offers new movies to appear on the page relatively fast. They will be made available in full HD soon. You can first watch the trailer of the movie then watch the full movie. Other features like summary, reviews, top rating of IMDB, and more features make this site the best alternative to Afdah.

There are two drawbacks to this website. The annoying ads and Adfly extension, which consumes so much of time to close. Pop-up and on-click appear on this site before the start of the movie which irritates the user though this is very easy to use the site. language adjustment is also possible if you are not from the USA.


  • Attractive, modern, and smart featured website
  • Offers summary and information regarding the movie
  • Sorting can be done depending on IMDB rating


  • Pop-up and on-click ads
  • Adfly extension

Bob Movies

Bob Movies has a large and ever-growing library. Movies are not sorted and listed on any order for easy search.  Confuses the user though it has easy UI. This website has good loading times, goof quality of subtitles, and movie quality. You can search the movie only by using a keyword. On-click ads ruin the movie-watching experience. Offers info about actors, year, director, summary, country, etc. Free to use without any registration.


  • Huge library
  • HD movies
  • Info about the movie


  • Confusing UI
  • On-click ads

Look Movie

Consists of a huge library but is not updated frequently. Look Movie is the right place to watch full HD movies. Filter movies based on the release, category, genre, and more. a short description of the movie is provided. Ads interrupt you while watching the movie. Despite these ads, this site is free and registration is not required.


  • Large library
  • Info about the movie
  • Sorted by IMDB rating


  • Irritating ads
  • The library is not updated frequently

The above are the best sites to watch movies online for free. Hope this guide helped you in choosing a suitable site to watch your favorite movie or Tv shows online.