9 Best Animation Software for Beginners and Pros

If you are new to the world of animation as a beginner and want to become a professional in this field and you don’t know where to start. Then you will be interested in our article that helps you to find the 9 best Animation Software for beginners and pros.

Animation tools and software are popular in today’s world without a doubt. Whether you are making an advertisement, teaching kids how to make animation, introducing a new product to the market animation is very useful.

If you are new to animation and don’t know the software which you can use, clearly this post will help you and sort out your kind of choice. This post includes premium software for people who can afford and aim big, not only premium but also some popular and best software available free, and online editing.

9 Best Premium, Free, and Online Animation Software for Beginners and Pros

1. Adobe Character Animator

Firstly adobe character animator is the latest Animation Software in the Adobe family. This new tool is powerful which can make real-time animations simply and easily. Fast working this software only needs two simple steps, Plug your mic and cam that detects your facial expressions and voice to animate the character’s faces.

Also that your character can walk and do gestures, hold objects by using predefined functions in this software. Along with this software is more helpful for beginners who can easily animate and learn. In addition to that the features in this software that saves more time.


  • Support real-time animation and help the newly started people simply.
  • It is the software that is most suitable for the people in the gaming field and streaming also for good online education.
  • Support streaming and streamline recording and editing.

Pricing: It is a premium software, and it gives a free trial for seven days.

2. Cartoon Animator 4

If you are a 2D animation lover then this software is highly recommended for you. The Cartoon Animator 4 software is a special one that can be used by all levels of the designer. From beginner to professional who has an interest in 2D animation can use this software.

The software has some 2D templates and also it allows you to create a huge set of characters from the database, also you can import your animations from PSD templates. The PSD import feature comes handy for who is drawing and importing the character. Ridging and bone animation is the most useful and quick way of creating animations.


  • Containing the tools that are used to create 2D animations(Bone tools and ridging).
  • It supports 4K video performance.
  • Easily import and export the PSD templates.

Pricing: It is a premium software, and it gives a free trial for one month.

3. Stop Motion Studio

Video making is the coolest way of today’s technologies. Stop motion studio doing a great job in making Stop Motion animations in 4K. The animations can be easily mixed with 2D drawings, which are painted directly on the image. This app is especially for beginners who want to work in animations.

It contains some handy features like frame by frame editor which makes doing animating work easy for us. This app can be installed on many devices(iPhone, Android, macOS, Windows) and you can open the project any time on your device. If you want to show your work to someone like an interview and client meetings this app comes in handy.


  • Supports 4K videos.
  • Frame by Frame editing mostly not available in other apps.
  • Runs on many devices and contains paint tools and green screen.
  • Supports external DSLR type cameras which are useful for filmmakers.

Pricing: It is a premium software. You have to buy it.

4. Digicel FlipBook

Digicel Flipbook is specially created for artists who paint and draw the animations on sheets. This software helps you to scan your painted animations or directly paint on the software. Choose your preferences and work easily on this software. The app also allows you to create motion frame pictures animations. Digicel FlipBook is a powerful and easy tool for traditional 2D artists which helps to create animations fast and quick.


  • Lip Sync supports this software so you can easily track facial expressions of character.
  • Multiple frames working on a single time also supports import and export.
  • Also, you can use Pan, Zoom, Rotate functions
  • Runs on macOS, Windows.

Pricing: It is a premium software, the free trial comes one month.

5. Toon Boom Harmony

It is a professional software which can be used by both professionals and beginners, the software is powerful and easily productive for animations. The particle effects are more used by users around the world. Using the particle effects you can create effects of animations ex: blast, air, and explosion. So these are some major features that come in handy for this software.

This application also provides drawing and rigging and some other extra features that are mostly what we expect from animation software. It can be used by both beginners and professionals so this app is more popular.


  • Having advanced vector/bitmap technologies
  • Integrating 3D elements with a 2D drawing.
  • Particle effects and special effects technologies.

Pricing: It is a premium software, and the trail comes in 21 days.

6. Blender

The most popular and open-source software that we can use for any purpose. A blender is a software that mainly works with creating 3D characters textures modeling on this software, which can be also used for architecture purposes.

It is used mostly on 3D based projects, this software is open source and contributed by many contributors in the world. Blender can be used by game developers and animators is a good and popular software among the designers and developers.


  • This software is available in Windows and macOS, it has advanced 3D modeling and Sculpting using UV tools.
  • HDR rendering & PBR shaders and VR Rendering Supports on this software which is used to create 3D models fast and easily it reduces the loss of time.
  • You can draw in the 2D model in the 3D port which is also a good feature.
  • Full animation supports sculpt brush stokes and more.

Pricing: It is a free and open-source software anyone can use.

7. Pencil 2D

Pencil 2D is like traditional hand-drawn pictures and sprites that are converted into animations like the old times. If you are a traditional artist then you must go with the Pencil 2D software because it is a light and easy tool that has many features.

It is a cross-platform tool that you can focus on animating anytime. Also, the software is open source and the users can have access to the source code and features.


  • It supports raster and vector images and it includes some various handy tools.
  • It includes distortion and some effects like light effects and other features.
  • It has import/export features.

Pricing: It is free and open-source software anyone can use.

8. Synfig Studio

Firstly it is a 2D animation software mostly similar to the Flash. So if you have already worked on the flash and you want some similar to that application then this software is for you. It works based on the frame by frame software and it also allows you to control the characters as well. Using advanced settings on this software you can work fastly and edit vector images and bitmaps quickly to make animation. The Synfig studio is free and open-source software you can also access the source code.


  • It has a vector editing and automatically calculates the frames.
  • Using rigging and bone system features you can control your character.
  • Dynamic structures are created by an advanced control system.

Pricing: It is free and open-source software.

9. Animaker

Animaker is an online tool and it has plans for different users. Each plan has a different set of 2D assets that helps the user to create a set of animations. It helps to create 2D and 2.5D videos and typographic animations and more features. Using that 2D asset you can create many different videos like handcraft videos, animated infographic videos, and much more. It is an online tool so it can be accessed anytime. You can animate whenever you want.


  • It supports full HD videos and 2D and 2.5D videos.
  • Pre Designed a library of templates that are used easily mostly supports the deck feature text to speech and background music and sound effects.
  • It has music soundtracks and you can also upload the videos to YouTube.
  • The storage and video lengths are based on the plans that you choose. The different plans have different values.

Pricing: It has a free plan, and you can upgrade to premium. The upgrade requires a price.


These are some good animation software in today’s, we hope that the article is useful for beginners and some professionals too. And the above animating software all contains a free trial that helps you to try the software before you buy it. And some open-source popular software that also helps you.