Discord Update Failed Error in Windows 10 {Solved}

Discord Update Failed

Discord app is one of the most friendly and loved app to call it. This app is a place wherein one could easily connect with people out there. It is user friendly as it can be used to chat, voice chat, exchange messages, and get connected to anyone and everyone within a few minutes. Is not it amazing? You do not need to make a group on the app and can simply connect to an individual of your choice. But like any other app or thing, it has its pros and cons and thus the user might have to face several problems on board which could end up irritating the hell out of them.

One such problem that needs to be discussed and talked about is the downloading update issue. The downloading update issue that pops up after the users have opened the app has now caused great havoc. Several people have been reporting this issue in the Discord app to which we have brought the solution. Users have also complained that no matter how long we keep the app open, the downloading update screen never retires. But do not worry people as we are here to give you an insight into how to be free from such type of error and issue.

Discord Update Failed

Point To Be Noted: One thing that is to be kept keenly in mind while encountering such type of downloading issue is, you got to wait for some time. Users have also remarked that it mostly worked after waiting for some considerable time, let us say half an hour. So the first and foremost tip that could be provided is to just wait patiently, I know it sounds weird but what happens is it automatically gets normal after a considerable amount of time. So it is beet if you exhibit patience for some time.

How to Fix Discord Update Failed Error in Windows 10

If the above-stated method or tip as to say it does not work, then no worries we have some steps and procedures for you that may solve your problem. So do not worry and do have a look below to know what these problem-solving tricks are.

1. Reinstall The Discord

The simplest of all is reinstalling the Discord app, go and check for it again after by reinstalling it, chances are there that it might turn fruitful to you. Moreover, it is the simplest process that just involves some minutes, so better check it out. To download the Discord app, you need to follow such steps:

Step 1: Click here and download the Discord installer.

Step 2: Then, double click, to make the Discord installer run and thus follow the instructions on the screen.

Also, do keep in mind that you do not need to delete or uninstall the previous version, let it remain as it is and then altogether download a new version. The method may probably work, but if it does not, move on to the second method below.

2. Clean the Reinstall Discord

Method 1, which was the simplest of all, should be followed first, we strongly recommend the hit and trial method of it first. However, if you still face the same issue then you may simply clean the install Discord which means that you have to delete some files from the Discord.

Note: This solution is not be placed before the first method, in case you receive a complete failure go for this one.

Here are some steps that you need to follow to clean some of your Discord files.

Step 1: Firstly you need to check if Discord is in the System Tray. Secondly, if it is not then well and good but if you do find it right there just make a note to shift it. For shifting the Discord from the system tray, all you need to do is, just right-click the Discord item and select Quit Discord. You also have to keep in mind to hold the Ctrl + Shift and Esc key simultaneously to be able to open the task manager. Then, look in the process list and make sure Discord process is not in the list, furthermore, if you do find it, select Discord and then click End Task.

Step 2: Then, you are required to hold Windows Key and press R simultaneously.

Step 3: After the second step, just type appwiz.cpl and hence press Enter.

Step 4: Then look for the Discord and select it from the list of installed applications.

Step 5: Click Uninstall and then follow the instructions directed.

Step 6: Again you are required to hold Windows Key and then press R.

Step 7: Type %appdata% and then press Enter.

Step 8: You may locate the Discord folder and then right-click on it. Furthermore, select, delete, and confirm any additional prompts.

Step 9: Then you are required to press backspace once.

Step 10: Then, locate and double click Local folder.

Step 11: Again, locate the Discord folder and thus right-click on it. Simultaneously select delete and confirm for any additional prompts.

Step 12: once you are done with the above steps, download the Discord installer again.

Step 13: Then double click to run the Discord installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

It is expected that you may not have to face the same issue again after opting for this method, since it is only less preferable after the first one. In most of the cases, the very first step has been proved beneficial but if still, it does no good you may go for the second. If the second one fails too which is rarely happening once you give it a try, you may go for the third and the last one

3. Run as Admin

It has been proved highly beneficial after the first one. Many users have run it as an administrator only to find the update to be installed properly.

Here are some of the steps:

Step 1: You may close the Discord app.

Step 2: Then, just reboot it.

Step 3: Make sure that the Discord is not present in the system tray. If the Discord app starts automatically, you are required to close it. For the rest of the process of step 2, follow the first steps of Method 2.

Step 4: You are then required to locate the Discord shortcut on the desktop. You may right-click the icon and are supposed to run it as an administrator. In case, you are not able to find Discord on the desktop, then press the Windows key, you will have a Discord entry there. Right-click Discord > More > Run as administrator.

The update may start happening without any issue


So these were the top three methods to get over the issue of the Discord app download screen. It is highly probable that any of these may work in your case. These 3 are tested and tried and thus are very promising when comes to Discord app update fixation. So from next time, if you face such a problem concerning your Discord app, then do try these. All the best!