Hunter × Hunter Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More


The seventh season of Hunter × Hunter Season 7  has been officially confirmed, however there is no release date yet. Is there a release date for Hunter × Hunter Season 7 ?

In the ’90s, Hunter x Hunter was one of the most well-known anime franchises. Togashi started HxH in 1998, just like other anime programmes based on a manga series.

After its conclusion, Hunter x Hunter: Reboot fans have been clamouring for a follow-up to Season 7.

In addition to the two anime adaptations, Hunter x Hunter has a manga as well. One which began in 1999, the same year as One Piece.

A third, which debuted in 2011, is also worth mentioning. Nippon Animation produced the first one, which was a major hit at the time.


Hunter x Hunter is the eighth most popular show on MyAnimeList, with a community rating of 9.05 and a total of 2,314,941 members.

As a result of user feedback, the show currently has a 9.0 overall star rating on IMBD.

A Brief Description of Hunter × Hunter Series 

Iconic 1990s anime series Hunter X Hunter is widely regarded as one of the best.

Hunter X Hunter, like the majority of anime shows, has its roots in a manga series. It was founded by Yoshihiro Togashi in the spring of 1998.

In 1999, the manga series was translated into an anime series for the first time, which lasted only a few episodes.

Madhouse launched a second Hunter X Hunter anime series in 2011, which ran for six seasons before coming to an end in 2014.

In April of this year, Toonami aired an English dub of the show.

Is ‘Hunter × Hunter’ Season 7 Happening? 

The possibilities of the anime returning for a seventh season are slim at this point. Hunter X Hunter has not been renewed by Madhouse for new seasons yet.

Instead, they’ve been working on other projects and have recently published a number of anime series and films.

A last point to make is that the amount of information available for an anime adaptation has already been depleted during the previous seasons.

Madhouse may be more than ready to pick up the anime series for season 7 if there is enough available source material in the future.

Why is HXH Season 7 Delayed On Netflix?

It is because of Yoshihiro Togashi’s back and general ill health that new manga editions are not being released on a regular basis, and this is why there will be no more seasons of his anime.

Fans will no doubt be well-fed in the coming seasons thanks to the showrunner’s ambitious schedule. Stay healthy and keep up the good work.

Hunter × Hunter Season 7 Release Date

Because there has been no official confirmation of the renewal, it’s impossible to say for certain. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the maker’s mental health comes first right now.

It is possible that we will see a seventh season of Hunter x Hunter as early as early-2023. Until we get an official statement from Madhouse, we’ll have to wait.

Hunter × Hunter Season 7 Characters

This series has some of its most notable characters, including (but not limited to)

Issel Futamata as Narrator

Gon’s associate, Megumi Han

Christina Valenzuela as Killua Zoldyck

Mariya Ise Zoldyck

Erika Harlancher as Kurapika

Hisoka Morrow is played by Daisuke Namikawa

Leorio Paladiknight is played by Mathew Mercer.

Hisoka Morrow is played by Ken Silverstein

Hunter × Hunter Season 7 Plot

HxH’s future season has been delayed by the fact that the manga, Hunter x Hunter, has yet to be completed.

Due to Yoshiro Togashi’s severe health concerns, the manga’s most recent halt, which has been in effect since late 2018, has been delayed.

Season 7 of HxH, on the other hand, would likely mark the conclusion of Gon Freezes and the Hunters’ story in 2018, just before the manga’s longest hiatus.

It’s come to the point where either the story concludes first or I die before that happens. However, I want to complete it in the long run.

Since the series is big and detailed, it may be difficult for fans of the show to say goodbye, but they should prepare for it, whether Season 7 is ever released or not.

Fans will no doubt be hoping for more of the series’ trademark epic anime battles in the finale.

On Which Chapter Did Hunter × Hunter Season 6 End?

Episode 148 ended with an illustration of chapter 339. As a result, you can begin reading the additional material in chapter 340.

But there are just 391 more chapters to go. As a result, there is just 52 extra chapters of information to be added.

How Long Before ‘Hunter × Hunter’ Will Have Enough?

Unfortunately, it looks like Yoshihiro Togashi, the author of Hunter X Hunter, will be unable to produce any more comics for the time being.

The manga artist has apparently been plagued by mental health concerns that have hampered his ability to complete his work.

As a result of the manga’s popularity, the mangaka has been under considerable stress. As of this writing, he is said to still be in the process of healing.

Is Hunter × Hunter Coming Back in 2022?

Because no promotional materials have been issued by the official anime production company, it is impossible to know whether the series will be renewed in 2022. In the meantime, fans can look forward to a future episode of Season 7.

What to Expect from Hunter × Hunterr Season 7?

Gon finally met his father, Ging, at the end of Season 6, who served as his real inspiration for passing his Hunter test.

He restored his father’s Hunter licence to him after learning from each other’s prior experiences.

For some reason, Kiriko has decided to go by the name Gotoh, but Knov has a soft spot for Morel. After a long absence, Gon returned to the Kite gang after Mito got his letter. All you need to know about Season 6 is here.

Trailer for Hunter × Hunter Season 7

It appears that there is no official trailer or teaser for the film at this time. Nonetheless, I’m going to share with you the official English trailer for the seventh season of Hunter X Hunter, which might give you a better idea of what to expect.

Where Can I Watch It Online?

Adult Swim, Viz Media, and Crunchyroll all have the dubbed version of the series accessible in English. If you want to see it, you may do so here. In terms of cost-free viewing options, YouTube is the best one.


Based on the Japanese manga series of the same name authored and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter x Hunter’ is an action-adventure fantasy anime.

An elite group of individuals known as the Hunters rule a world in which they are free to go wherever they want and do anything they want without fear of repercussions.

Gon Freecss, a prominent character in the show, decides to take the Hunter Exam after learning accidentally that his father, who has vanished, was a former Hunter.