10 Best Kickass Alternatives That Actually Works

In today’s world, where everyone loves to seek entertainment to get relaxed, enjoy their time, and have fun, there is a sudden emergence of the various platforms that provide you with entertainment. Entertainment is sought through various means and sources such as music, TV shows, games, music, etc. People are tenacious about what kind of sources suits them best. Some various websites and apps provide you with your favorite sources of entertainment. One such website is Torrent.

If you haven’t heard about Torrent, then you really need to know about it because it is one of the most popular software for downloading online content and converting it into offline files into different formats. Now torrent software has various subsidiaries through websites that are diversified on the internet. It is not safe to search for the torrent website you would be tracked by various malware which could be unsafe for your device. Therefore, you have to beware and safe from these kinds of websites, and so for that, you need an advisor who could guide towards the best sites you can use.

Since the torrent CEO was arrested earlier, there has been an emergence of various illegal and unsecured websites that claim to be a subsidiary of the torrent, but they are not. Not to worry in this article, we have covered Kickass Torrent Alternatives that could help you in downloading your content and watching it whenever you want, so buckle up.

10 Best Kickass Alternatives That Actually Works

Below, there is a list of torrent websites that allow you to download your favorite content. Kickass alternative sites provided below provide entertainment through sources. Some might be covering music others might be covering other content. So, choose the platform according to your need and enjoy your content.

1. KickassTorrents.to

KickassTorrents.to is an upcoming torrent tracker and an alternative for Kickass Torrent. This website has a large database with around 28000 files with millions of torrents. This website covers a variety of content such as movies, Tv shows, Animation, Games, music, etc., which gives viewers a variety of content to watch from and download them.

Once you open the website, it would be straightforward to access it, and you can find various stuff on site and choose your favorite content and download it through the links. This website also is completely free and doesn’t require any subscription and registration form visitors.

2. KAT.am

The second one on the list is KAT.am, which is a clone version of Kickass Torrent. It is one of the oldest clones and is quite similar to it as it possesses all the features of Kickass Torrent, which provides you a wonderful experience while browsing content.

This website contains highly diversified content containing various movies, sitcom, music, etc., which you can download without any charges. As mentioned, it is one of the oldest websites, and it is still working smoothly without any hindrance. If you are facing a problem opening, it kindly establishes a VPN, which will help you open this website.

3. KAT.sx

As the name already suggests, KAT.sx is another clone for the website Kickass Torrent. This website is new on the internet and is not known by many people but is quite efficient and fast than the other website. Moreover, being a clone of Kickass Torrent is quite similar to it, with some specific features added to it.

While browsing, you will come across millions of files, and from there, you can choose your favorite content and download it. The only problem is that the quality of the torrents found by KAT.sx isn’t guaranteed as most of the time, it is good enough, and sometimes it is not up to the level.

4. ThePirateBay

The Pirate Bay is considered to be one of the most popular and prominent directories of Torrent. This website contains the largest database of files and documents and generates multiple links from where you can download it for free.

Apart from movies and sitcoms, this website also offers its customers various games and software which aren’t available very easily. This website is also extremely secure and safe to use, so to try this one as it could be the perfect alternative for Kickass Torrent.

5. Torrentz2

The next one on the list is Torrentz2. Torrentz2 is a kind of search engine that helps viewers to find torrents and is not a true torrent in that sense. You must be wondering it this website is not a subsidiary torrent, why this is on this list.

Well, the answer is simple: Torrentz2 has a diversified media library that helps you to locate your favorite torrent content. It is believed that its library consists of more than 61000 files that help you to find your kind of content and watch it without any hindrance. Also, this website is completely free and safe to use.

6. TorLock

TorLock is another online torrenting website that provides you with various torrent content you could download from the website. It contains various kinds of content such as Games, software, music, TV dramas, etc. this website was founded out by TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd in 2010 and recorded an average of 5.9 visitors monthly.

This website also contains more than 680,000 torrent files in theory library, which allow viewers a wide range of stuff to download from. Moreover, it possesses a unique feature as it offers verified torrents only. This makes this much more secure and safe while surfing this website; this website also provides you with downloading facilities in HD.


RABARG is another torrenting website that could act as a perfect alternative for Kickass Torrents. This website, 2015, by Tonic Corporation and its records around 90.9 million. RARBG contains various content offering a large selection of movies, TV sitcoms, music, games, apps, animation, software, etc.

However, due to some issues, it is blocked in various countries, mostly European countries, so if you face any issue to browse this website, you can set up a VPN link and access the website. You are wondering whether this website is unsafe or illegal, then we can brief you that this website is 100% legal and secure to use so, try it out to access your favorite torrent material.

8. YTS

YTS is considered a subsidiary of YIFY, which was recently banned due to some legal conflicts and was highly popular. Later, this site was developed and possessed almost all the features present in YIFY. This website was launched in 2017 by ABC Domain LLC and has recorded around 110 million visitors monthly, which has become quite popular among people.

This website provides a wide range of torrent files covering the latest movies, games, sitcoms, etc. one of the best features is that it encodes your files in low space, which allows to download a small file and saves your internet as well as the storage of your device.

9. 1337X

1337X is one of the best websites in this list and is a perfect alternative for Kickass Torrent. This website was established in the United States by Tonic Corporation and recorded around 85 million visitors every month. This website is a public-oriented, which helps this website merge with other sites to generate magnet links of various content that viewers could access.

Apart from this website itself contains many torrent files covering movies, software, games, music, etc. This website was recently banned in some countries like Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, etc. But not to worry, as you can still access this website by setting up a VPN connection.

10. Torrents.io

Last but not least, on our list is Torrents.io. This website acts as a search engine for torrent files where people can search their favorite torrent files and then access those files. This website provides you with a highly diversified library covering various content such as Movies, TV shows, anime, eBooks, software, applications, graphics, etc. from where you can find your files and download it.

This website also allows you to search another torrent website even without locating a particular torrent. It also presents a list of the most popular torrents website and differentiates them among categories, themes, etc. This shows that this website is a highly efficient search engine and is reliable to use.


In the end, Kickass has faced many threats since its journey and still has provided us with a wonderful torrent content all over the years. Since it is banned, we have to look towards the other website that could provide us the same kind of content. The sites listed above are some of the best alternatives for Kickass Torrent and will help you provide good torrenting content.