15+ Best LAOLA1 Alternatives to Watch Sports Live Streams


If you are the biggest fan of Football then you must be aware of the LAOLA1 site. It offers all related information about Football matches, videos, news and covers almost everything about Football. You will be amazed by using this site. You can stream any Football match on this site. You can type a particular Football match in the search bar and watch it.

Many users are unable to access this site due to some copyright issues. Some also stated that this site is temporarily down due to various reasons. This depressed many Football lovers and users of this site. However, there are many alternatives to LAOLA1 which offer the best features like this site. If you want to explore other sites or are bored of the LAOLA1 site, then you must look at the sites provided in this guide. Try these similar sites like LAOLA1 to watch sports.


16 Best Alternatives to LAOLA1 to Watch Sports Live Streams

1. Stream2watch

Stream2watch is the oldest and very well know free live sports website. You should go through this site once if you are a sports lover. You will be benefitted from live streaming sports for free. Finding a good live sports streaming site online is difficult. Stream2watch is the solution to that difficulty. It is an online website like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. offering live sports for watching. You can enjoy its high-quality streaming by watching sports like Football, baseball, handball, tennis, boxing, golf, volleyball, UFC competition, etc.

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2. VIPBox

VIPBox is also a sports website like LAOLA1 that offers online sports for watching. It has a pretty good interface to enjoy your favorite live sports online. It displays various sports content to watch, such as Football, hockey, UFC, table tennis, WWE, basketball, volleyball, and many more. You can find various sports on the homepage of VIPbox. Though many ads pop up while accessing this website, after closing the ads, everything will be good. Not only the interface of this site is good, but it also offers an excellent quality of video streaming. The best site for sports fans.

3. goATDee

goATDee is also one of the famous sites for watching sports online for free. You can watch any sport on this site without any interruptions. It is a fantastic website apart from pop-up ads. This website gradually gained many users with its friendly interface. This website also provides sports news for free

The biggest reason to choose this site is, it is quite straightforward to use. You don’t find much complicated features to use. As it displays all the ongoing and live matches and sports channels, you must try this site once. This website is popular across the world.

4. VIPLeague

VIPLeague is an awesome interface website. It offers users different kind of sports that are streamed online. You can easily watch them without paying a single penny from your pocket. You can watch your favorite sport from any streaming choices provided by this site. You will be given the related links to watch the preferred sport.

It gives nice service streams with an easy user interface. However, the ads may bother you, but you can enjoy watching the sport once you are done close the ads. It contains all sports like Football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball, etc. You can even watch the sport in your preferred language.

5. StreamHunter

StreamHunter is a streaming site, particularly for sports. You can watch live sports anytime and anywhere on this site. You can work as well as watch your favorite sport on StreamHunter. This site is compatible with smartphones, laptops, desktops, etc. You can even access this site while traveling to miss any sport if there is a proper internet connection.

This is a flexible streaming website with the best quality streaming content to watch from anywhere. This site contains all the modern features making it easy for you to use. It offers boxers, soccer, Football, handball, cricket, and other sports for free. It brings all major sports channels, and no registration is required to access this site.

6. StreamWoop

Along with live sports, you can even watch replays of various matches on StreamWoop. It is one of the biggest online sports streaming sites. You can access many sports channels without any subscription on this site. But subscription offers all sports channel services without any restrictions. You can watch any number of matches for as long as you want. StreamWoop acts as a bridge between you and the sports channels. It provides links to these sports channels for you. You can live score, streams, highlights of the match, and many more on this site. This is one of those best websites for sport freaks.

7. BatmanStream

BatmanStream provides you with a list of all ongoing live matches along with information about upcoming matches. You can watch any match happening in any country from this site. Choose any sport that you wanted to watch from the category section of this site. This website can access sports like Football, basketball, rugby, handball, baseball, hockey, tennis, and many other sports for free.

BatmanStream works well on all devices. Use an ad blocker for the uninterrupted streaming of live sports. You can also chat with others in the live group chat offered by this site. This minor feature of group chat brought many users to this site.

8. SportLemon

SportLemon is one of the best user interfaces among all other live streaming sites. Discover about many other sports on this site for free. This is the best streaming recommended to sports lovers as it offers live streaming with the best 3D and HD quality. Those who are very much into sports must try this website. As this site offers an easy user interface, you need not worry about accessing this site. Enjoy its live-streaming anywhere and anytime.

9. Feed2All

Feed2All is the best alternative to LAOLA1. Watch all the live sports without spending any money from your pocket. You can stream the videos in HD quality with a speed internet connection. This site mostly focuses on Football. However, you can watch a few other sports too. You can see all the live matches happening around the world on the homepage of Feed2All.

This site is in collaboration with many famous sports channels. Enjoy the uninterrupted streaming of sports on this site. It offers a single connection for live HD streaming. This is simply the best site for watching live sports without spending a dime.

10. Strikeout

This is the top position in the list of best user interfaces of live streaming sites. It is the best website to watch from a phone or laptop or tablet or PC or any other device. You can watch Premier League Stream; MLB stream and all NFL matches on this site.

Just install the latest adobe flash player and watch the matches happening across the globe. Undoubtedly, this provides the best video streaming quality. Experience quality sports content and live matches on this site, and you will surely fall in love with this site soon.

11. FirstRowSports

FirstRowSports is designed long back and is one of the oldest live streaming sites of sports. Though this is an old site, it offers all the popular sports to watch. There are plenty of features that attract users to spend time on this site. This site streams all your favorite sports events and matches in high-quality, of course, for free. It frequently updates its matches and stays up to date about the sport-related information.

Various sports such as UFC, WWE, volleyball, tennis, etc. are featured. You can even change your stream quality according to your internet connection. No sign-up or registration is required for this site. You can switch to other sports easily without any restrictions or blockers. This site ensures the best user interface.

12. StreamSports

StreamSports, the name itself reveals that this site is specially designed for streaming sports online. Select your favorite sport to watch from the menu list of this site. All you need is a proper internet connection to utilize this site for watching sports. It offers almost all the sports like cricket, Football, baseball, hockey, and many others.

If you sign up on this site, you can receive notifications regarding your favorite sport. You will be astonished by looking at look the interface of this site. Watch every sport with high HD quality on this site. Watch your desired sport in your desired language. StreamSports is a unique website among all other free online sports streaming sites. This site offers an ad-free services for its users.

13. Ronaldo7

Firstly tell me, do you have an enthusiasm for football? You a fan of Ronaldo as well? Then you’ll adore this website since that’s exactly what it’s about. Ronaldo7 will show you the sum of the matches wherein Ronaldo is sharing. Along with all of the streams, you’ll find lots of recent images of Ronaldo in the image gallery, as well as videos, news, and other items.

14. ScoresInLive

This site can be a terrific resource for sports fans, but only if you’re willing to look at the scores and other information quickly. However, if you choose to watch a stream, it may take longer, so in that case, you should have your back covered with a service like ScoresInLive. This site gives you and keeps you up to date on the daily scores and results that you want to view in your busy schedule. Secondly, you may always filter the scores and results based on your favorite sports.

Promoters are individuals who reply with a score of 9 to 10, and they are more likely to provide the most value, such as buying more, staying customers for longer, and referring more potential customers to others. Detractors who give a score of 0 to 6 are thought to be less likely to engage in value-creating activities.

Further Passives are those who respond with a score of 7 or 8, and their behavior is in the midst of promoters and critics. Scoresinlive.com’s Net Promoter Score ranges from -100 to 100 and is derived by subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of Promoters.

15. FromHot

FromHot is a decent service with a sizable database crammed with live sports streaming from a variety of categories. Its front page displays a schedule of future sporting events. If you want to watch a specific sport, however, you must first select it from the category section. FromHot is one of the top sites similar to Laola1 and can undoubtedly be used as a Laola1 substitute.

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If you’re looking for a live stream of a sporting event, the BOSSCAST website is the best place to go. BOSSCAST provides free live streaming of high-quality sporting events. BOSSCAST does not want your hard-earned money wasted on alcohol or anything else. The usage of a credit card is not required. Sports can also be shown on a number of different networks.


The above sites are especially for sports fans. Even if you are newly watching sports and interested in sports, you must try all the websites mentioned in this site. You will appreciate all the sites once you start watching any sport. You can even explore many new sports on these sites. We hope you enjoyed this article and found a suitable site to watch your favorite sport.