MangaStream Alternatives to Read Manga

MangaStream is a digital site for manga comics with more than 100,000 readers per month. Manga comics are enjoyed by all sort of age groups. They are very popular among a toddler to an elderly person.  There are many sites alternative to Mangastream, that offer manga comics in English. English speakers can easily access these sites on their devices for free.

Undoubtedly, manga series is leading among all other comics in the world. Originated in Japan, manga comics are famous all around the world. They attract the reader with its unique characters, representation, and style. Comprises of various genres such as sci-fi, drama, action, thriller, adventure, adult, romance, and many.

10 Best Alternatives to MangaStream

Many sites offer manga comics on the internet, but they are available only in the Japanese language. Sites like MangaStream translate these comics into the English language. Here is the list of best sites like MangaStream to read manga comics online for free. Also, these sites are much compatible with any device.


MangaFreak is one of the best alternatives to MangaStream. This is a leading platform used by the audience to read manga comics. The best feature of this website is, it provides a short brief of the Manga to the user, as well as the status of your reading. You can search your completed readings and also the current manga comic that you are reading from the library.

Popular manga series like Naruto, Boruto, One Piece, Bleach, and many more are available on this website. It includes all types of genres of manga comics like thriller, drama, adventure, comedy, romance, etc. This is the best site in replacement of MangaStream.


Various genres of manga comic are available on Mangatown, therefore, it is considered as a suitable MangaStream alternative. Neither payment nor any registration is required to access manga comics on this website. you have the access to read all your favourite manga comics online for free. Many users recommend this website for manga comic lovers. This website allows you to browse the manga list, genre, new version, and random Manga.


Kissmanga is a famous alternative to Mangastream, as this website has more than 100,000 manga series in its library. This website has the largest directory of all manga comics. It offers high graphics while reading to the users. This website updates daily and provides all types of latest genres.

You will be notified about the latest chapters and the manga list. you can also manage and share your favourite comics with your contacts. The viewer reading direction can be adjusted according to your comfort. You can search categories and the rank list of manga comics is also available on this website. You can give suggestions, feedback, and ask queries to the support team of Kissmanga.


Mangafox also offers a wide range of various manga comic genres. This website is for free and no amount has to be paid by the user. Registration is also not required; you can read all the manga comics online for free. Browsing the manga, new version, genre, and random manga is offered by this website. hence, this is also a good alternative to MangaStream.


ComiXology is a cloud-based website. It offers digital comics for free. Works efficiently on iOS, android and PC. Navigate to your favourite manga comic, buy and read comics online on this website. Customization of searches based on your preferences of genres is also offered by this website. For quick access, download the mobile application. All the manga comics are available in the English language. You can read your favourite manga comics online for free on this website. This is the best site for manga comic lovers. All these features made this website the best alternative to MangaStream.


Mangareborn is also the best site that takes the top leading position in the best alternatives to MangaStream list. This site consists of all the popular as well as unknown mangas across the world. It consists of a large library with different types of manga comics.

This site has a forum where you can talk about the necessity of mangas and also publishing dates. This site is also clean. You have an option to chat with others and know about unknown titles or data of characters. Though this is a new site, it is attracting many users with its clean websites. The best alternative to MangaStream.


Manga Panda has a large collection of manga comics that are translated into English. Various genres of manga comics are available in its library. This site is compatible with smartphone, PC, or even a tablet. Different types of genres such as action, comedy, thriller, mystery, romance, adventure, and many more are found.

All this content is free online. Additionally, you can also read the comics in the original language than a translated version. This website is a bit annoying as ads may pop up here and there while accessing the website. a very popular alternative site to MangaStream is Manga Panda.


Mangaedan is a simple website. This site is flooded with manga comics which are affordable and are interesting. A search option is made available for users so that they can easily search for their favorite manga comics online. You can restrict the search results to find the most appropriate manga comic. In addition to this, you can also add manga to the site. A very well-known website that replaces MangaStream.


Viz Media is a free application which is used for reading manga comic. But with an option of in-app purchases. It is compatible with smartphones and PC. However, it is free on android and iOS but you need to buy a subscription plan for a PC to read the manga comics. Along with manga, you can also read Japanese anime or stories. A huge library of manga comics and Japanese anime are available on this site. You can use the manga title as a keyword to easily search for your favorite manga. All the content is translated into English. This is an e-reader and library for many manga series and anime lovers out there. As this is an application you can easily read your favorite manga comics.


Mangakakalot is also the best and popular alternative to MangaStream. It is a user-friendly site. You can find many mangas that are released online for free. If you are a new manga reader then this site is much suitable for you. This site offers you a complete range of mangas for free. The unique feature of this site is its speed upload of mangas. This site popular and famous among old users as well as a recommended site for new users. It has an attractive and user-friendly interface.

The above are the best alternatives to Mangastream. Go through every website and select a site to read your favorite manga.  All these sites consist of a huge library. So many manga comics are made available for you. All types of genres like comedy, adventure, thriller, romance, etc, and found on these sites. So why wasting time? Just surf all the sites and find the best site for you to read online for free.