15 Best Movie4K Alternatives For Movie Streaming 2021

We all love watching movies. There are several online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. for streaming your favourite movies. However sometimes it is difficult to find our favourite movies on such websites and, of course, the TV does not broadcast according to our choices. So we turn to websites for streaming movies online. But for so many websites we have to pay as they are paid or subscription-based.

15 Best Movie4k Alternatives

So, Here are 15 Best Movie4k Alternatives for Movie Streaming 2021 and to enjoy watching your favourite movies anytime and anywhere.

1. Putlocker

This website is an online file hosting index websites that is used for streaming films and television series, etc. for free.


It is a movie streaming website which is free to use and provides popular and latest content for free. We can stream some old and new trendy content without getting any error.

It gives various links of the server that stores the movie and related material. Its high content availability is an essential factor for the user. Furthermore, most of the content provided is in HD format.


This site is a pirated site so it is an illegal platform in many places. It also has excess of ads and auto click links. It is a mirror of the putlockers or putlocker.

2. 123Movies

This website is specially designed for streaming and free downloading movies that are not easily available on the web. 


This site contains a large number of movies including new releases for its users/visitors. You do not need to create an account or register on the website to watch your favourite movies or TV series. Furthermore, the movie or drama you will watch is streamed from a secure cyberlocker or another online source.


Various reports from its users suggest that this site has the potential for distributing malware and viruses. Viruses and malware like these are sent to our computer using JavaScript contained on the website or by ads from the website.

3. TinklePad

It is one of the top websites that offer high-rated movies and online content for free.


This website has a really good and user-friendly interface. Along with the user-friendly interface, it also has a lot of great features. It has a vast collection of online content to watch.

The content provided is well organized, so you can easily search for the content you’re looking for using different categories like the latest HD movies, latest TV shows, release year, popular movies, and much more.


This is a torrent website so its major source of earnings is third-party ads. These ads consist of malware along with some unwanted files that can destroy your privacy and can even harm your device. We can find pirated content and illegal links on this website.

4. Filmy Anju

FilmyAnju.cc is an online movie piracy website. The website has an estimated traffic of about 81K per month.


It categories movies and TV shows according to their respective categories. Hence, the users don’t have to go through a frustrating search process to find their desired movies. Some of the movie categories on FilmyAnju are: Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi, Dubbed, Punjabi, Tamil etc.


The drawback of this torrent website is that your IP address shall be exposed if you don’t enable VPN of your PC.

5. SnagFilms

SnagFilms is another amazing movie streaming website.


Not only is there a much smaller menu of options, but the content probably appeals to what feels like a more narrow audience. SnagFilms has a website with a user-friendly interface and it is also simple, clean, and pretty straightforward on the phone. Along with this, you can find a healthy variety of documentaries and original comedy shows on the website.


Content is thin compared to competitors and there is limited family-friendly options.

6. Vumoo

This website, Vumoo is one of the most popular streaming websites. Vumoo allows its users to watch Hollywood movies online easily and for free.


Vumoo is pretty famous for instantly leaking movies as soon as they release in theatres. Some of the movies and dramas that you can easily stream include Transplant, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, Girls of the Sun, and The Flash. It has tons of movies and TV shows available for online streaming in its databases.

The website typically has a lot of Hollywood movies along with famous English TV series, but the site also has numerous foreign films available for online streaming. Apart from this it also has many, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese movies along with various popular animated films and series.


The only drawback of Vumoo is that watching anything on Vumoo would be an act of piracy.

7. Niter

It is one of the best free and popular websites for streaming movies. You can easily find your desired movie because this website offers a vast variety of the latest, popular and greatest movies, easily.


One of the best benefits is that it is ad-free. You will not see any kind of advertisements in between your ongoing entertainment. Along with the ad-free entertainment, you can find an easy, user interface making it easy for you to navigate through the website more easily. It also has some functions like bookmarks and, favorites, and you can easily create your curated list.


One of the main drawbacks will be that it is a torrent website, which uploads pirated content. Just like other torrent websites, this website is not a legal website.

8. Hulu

Hulu has always been one of the early leaders in the television streaming field.


The users can easily create up to six accounts. Also, we can stream with two different supported devices at the same time for all of its plans.


It is not good for large families that want the ability to view more than two programs simultaneously or for movie lovers who want a robust selection of films. Users will have to pay to upgrade limits on simultaneous screens or DVR storage. It includes advertisements.

9. LosMovies

LosMovies has been one of the most visited illegal websites which also allows users to download a huge collection of pirated movies for free.


The website has many categories so you can easily use the website.


It often illegally leaks movies on its website. It also illegally releases movies in various languages.

10. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is one of the free online streaming services. It is really similar to Putlocker.


You can save money easily by using a VPN and choosing a server in a country with comparatively cheap subscriptions to use this website.


Services like PrimeWire are illegal in most countries, so it can lead to users getting fined. It is one of the many free streaming services that operates in illegal areas.

There is a possibility that you might be tracked or your data could be stolen. If you will be caught downloading or streaming a copyrighted movie or TV series, on this website you could also be fined quite heavily

11. ZMovies

This is also a well-organized website which you can use for streaming unlimited movies. It is free and easy to use.


It is a movie hub which is especially made to provide all the classic to latest movies in HD quality video. You can search popular, top-rated, featured, latest and trending movies on the website. In addition to this, the website is free of ads or pop-ups, so you can easily use this site and stream continuously without any interruption or disturbance.


Using this website will increase your chances if getting exposed to hackers interested in your personal information

12. Movie2k

It is one of the best alternatives to 123movies which offers lots of new features and tools that it is one of the best streaming website.


This website has a lot of episodes of popular TV series and full-length movies. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface in its database. You can also easily search for all your videos here using the search bar and sort them by popular, latest, and ratings.


The only con of this website is that it is not used anymore as it is shut down.

13. MovieFlixter

This website provides tons of useful information about movies released on DVD and you can download all types of movies and videos in HD quality.


You can watch movies and TV shows safely. Furthermore, it does not have any ads or pop-ups so you can enjoy it without any disturbance. You can also easily chat with other movie fans by connecting to them from many parts of the world using the chat section.

Another benefit of this website is that it tells you the showtimes of movies playing nearby and also provides reviews, both from viewers and the critics along with descriptions of the movies and video trailers. Surprisingly, you can also buy tickets by using the app.


You need to register and sign up on this website. Signing up to this website is important for access to all types of movies and TV shows.

14. MovieWatcher

It is one of the most commonly used websites to stream media. You can easily watch movies and other content such as web series, tv shows, award shows, etc. Using this illegal website, you can easily watch most of the Hollywood, Bollywood movies for free.


You can find content in several languages. It also creates various sections in movies. It not only lets its users and visitors stream the movies but also lets them download this content for free. It has a vast collection of English movies. It also has a large collection of movies which you can watch in different video qualities.


This website is an illegal streaming websiteThe MovieWatcher website contains pirated material from various sites and has in the past been brought in by the authorities.

15. Movie4u

Movie4u website is streaming and download online platform.


This online platform lets its visitors stream movies and TV shows for free.


This website is an illegal platform. It uses piracy which is an offense. The website has various sections present on its page. Sections like these provide illegal content.


Watching movies is fun, but if we want to watch movies that are not available on some of the famous online platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. However, even if we are movie lovers or not, if we want to watch our favorite movies we can use some of the alternatives of the website like Movie4K to stream our favorite content anywhere anytime.