No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More


For want of a better phrase: The audience wants more! They’re eager to learn more about the tale and the characters from the first season, as well as get answers to the many unanswered questions they had.

Netflix has a history of approving shows that are popular with viewers. “NGNL” has all the proper ingredients for a second season, therefore we can expect it.

No Game No Life Season 2 Manga & Light Novel

Anime based on successful light novel No Game No Life, known in Japanese as n Gmu N Raifu. Writer and illustrator Y Kamiya is well known for his work on the No Game No Life series.


How Many Volumes Of No Game No Life Are There?

The No Game No Life light novel series has been published in Japan 11 times as of February 2022. Also, there is a manga titled “No Game, no Life.”

Only two volumes of the manga were released in 2013 and 2018. An additional manga series called No Game, Please! was published in parallel but terminated in 2017 due to lack of interest.

Is The No Game No Life Light Novel Still Going?

There will still be new chapters in the No Game No Life light novel series in 2022, yes. Light novelist Yuu Kamiya (Clockwork Planet) released the most recent instalment in her series on November 25, 2021, in Japan.

In volume 11, the story of NGNL is nearing its finish, according to the author. Also, a release date for No Game No Life Light Novel 12 has not been announced.

No Game No Life Light Novel After The First Season?

Volume 4 of the No Game, No Life light novel follows the first season. Volumes 1 through 3 were adapted for the first season. Zero adapted the sixth volume of No Game No Life.

If you’d want to pick up where the first season of No Game No Life left off, you can do so with the English translation of No Game No Life light novel Volume 4.

Season 2 of NGNL will begin with volume 4 and end with volume 7 because the movie used volume 6 for its first season.

This means that in 2022, there will be enough material for at least two more seasons of No Game No Life.

How Can We Figure Out If There Will Be No Game No Life Season 2?

No Game No Life Season 2’s likelihood can be ascertained most reliably by examining the status of the source material and the profitability of the anime.

Using this information, you can tell 95% of the time if an anime series is going to continue and when it will be released.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

However, the most likely release date for season 2 of No Game No Life is in early 2024.

There is more than enough material for a second season, as demonstrated above, and this show is quite profitable.

In the event that Kadokawa does not wish to do a second season, I would be surprised. NGNL is still a popular show, thus a second season is unlikely to be a financial failure.

Who Will be in No Game No Life Season 2’s Cast?

Season 2 of “No Game No Life” has yet to be confirmed, hence no cast members have been named.

Preliminary evidence suggests that the original voice actors from Season 1 will repeat their roles for Season 2.

Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Ai Kayano, the Japanese dub’s primary protagonist and antagonist voices, as well as Scott Gibbs and Caitlynn French.

The English dub’s main protagonist and antagonist, are both represented here. However, it’s also possible that this isn’t going to happen.

Expected Plot Of No Game No Life Season 2

Season two’s plot is likely to be significantly more lighthearted than season one’s. The consequences of the alliance between the main protagonists of the programme and the werebeasts must be examined, logically.

A male Dhampir and the character Izuna are most likely to join Team Blank on a new journey. In season two, Oceanado, the home of the Sirens, is expected to come into prominence.

The characters’ quest to reawaken the Siren Queen will be exciting if this is the case. The Werebeast God is likewise a must-win task for Team Blank to overcome.

Popularity Details Of No Game No Life Season 2

Fans from all across the world are clearly in love with the show. As a result of such circumstance, the series’ official website hasn’t been updated since 2018.

“No Game No Life” showrunners have kept quiet on the upcoming second season since they discussed the “Guidebook” episode.


Having more than 120K followers on Twitter, the series is clearly well-liked. Reruns of Season 1 were confirmed via the official Twitter account’s most recent tweet.

When this news was first made public, it was on June 25, 2014. Season 2 has yet to be mentioned on Twitter. Let’s keep our eyes open for further signs, but don’t give up hope yet.

Google Searches

The number of times a term is searched for on Google tells us how many people are interested in learning more about it.

The fact that these individuals spent the time to conduct a search on Google demonstrates a sincere level of interest. As you can see global searches are around 54K which was a few months back more than triple.

How Well Does The No Game No Life Light Novel Sell?

There were 165,000 copies of No Game No Life Volume 10, but only 85,000 copies of No Game No Life Volume 11. For 2022, that’s a lot better than what this series used to sell.

As a result of the long break and digital sales, there has been a significant dip in overall sales of the game. But considering that there will only be five series selling more than 100,000 copies in 2022, the books have done well.

Trailer for Season 2 of No Game No Life

In 2022, there has been no announcement of a second or third season of No Game No Life, so there is no trailer to view.

However, if you enjoyed the NGNL series, you might enjoy this trailer for the upcoming film No Game No Life: Zero.


Anime based on Yuu Kamiya’s light novel and manga “No Game, No Life” has become a cult favourite. The adventures of step-siblings Sora and Shiro, who form the undefeated gaming team “Blank,” are featured in both the anime and its source material.

Online one day, a man named Tet approaches Blank. They are challenged to a game of chess by Tet, who declares himself to be the One True God.