How To Fix NVIDIA Display Settings Not Available

Graphics Card serves to be the pedestal of PC gaming. When it comes to graphics card NVIDIA, the Computer Gaming Company is the first choice of any PC Gamer. With the remarkable advent of Graphics Processing Unit(GPU) by NVIDIA, it has become very popular among the gaming community. NVIDIA provides one of the best graphics cards and is used by almost every other PC gamer. Due to its worldwide utilization, NVIDIA has set its high criterion in the field of the gaming community with respect to graphics cards.

By now every computer has its graphics card made by NVIDIA because of its high product quality and durability. Although its worldwide usage, there are few errors that every PC Gamer tends to experience. “NVIDIA display settings not available” is one of the most common errors faced by any PC Gamer. Windows 10 users are the ones who face this error most commonly.

The error normally tends to pop up on your computer screen when the user is notified by the computer that the display used is not attached to NVIDIA GPU. However, it is not the only reason for the error to be displayed. There are several other reasons for the error such as the display may be connected to the wrong port or it may be due to a corrupted driver.

Well! in such a case you do not need to panic as this guide provides a detailed solution to fix such errors. Follow the guide thoroughly and understand quick easy steps to troubleshoot these errors that cause the hindrance in your gaming. The guide not only focuses on one general approach but different approaches to fix this error permanently. Let us have a look at these approaches.

Method 1: Restart NVIDIA Services

One of the causes of the error may be that the NVIDIA Control Panel went missing from the Desktop context menu as well as the System Tray. Usually, NVIDIA installs a particular service when the user setups the graphics card. It also installs the latest drivers to the concerned computer.

However, these services must run smoothly for the proper functioning of the graphics card. In case you are being indicated with the error message it signifies that these services are not running efficiently. Follow these steps to restart your NVIDIA Services:

Step 1: First, open the “Run Box” by pressing “Win + R” together. Immediately, type services.msc in the run box and press the Enter button.

Step 2: Second, the Services Window will be opened on your PC. The user can find all the running services here, the user needs to navigate for the NVIDIA services. Once you find the service you need to click on the restart button available on the left side of the window.

In case the services are not functioning then you need to start it by clicking on the right.

Despite the above instructions if the PC still displays an error of 14109 with the message indicating “Windows cannot start NVIDIA display container service”, the user must follow these steps:

Step 1: First, click on the start button by clicking right and click on the Device Manager to open it.

Step 2: The next Step follows is to expand the Display Adaptors.

Step 3: Meanwhile, in the next Step right-click to uninstall the NVIDIA Driver.

Step 4: Restart your PC. Now, when your windows will turn on you will see that your NVIDIA graphics card will be working again.

However, if the method doesn’t work out you can also try the next upcoming methods to fix the error.

Method 2: Manually Launch NVIDIA Control Panel

Another method that can be put into use is by manually launching the NVIDIA Control Panel to get back missing NVIDIA Panel. The method comprises of few simple steps that should be followed and taken note of:

Step 1: First, click on My Computer folder on your PC. Subsequently after that move to folder C and search for Program File Folder. You will find the NVIDIA Corporation folder, in case you fail to find the NVIDIA Corporation Folder, look for the folder in the Program Files.

Step 2: Select the Control File Folder once you navigate the NVIDIA Corpration folder. Try to search for the nvcplui file.

Step 3: Now, step follows by clicking right on the nvcplui file. Then select on Run as administrator option.

One can also create a desktop shortcut of the NVIDIA Control Panel by clicking right on nvcplui

Method 3: Reinstall NVIDIA Control Panel App From Microsoft Store

Method 3 suggests a very simple method by simply reinstalling NVIDIA Control Panel App from Microsoft Store. This is one of the easiest methods that a user can try to troubleshoot its error permanently. The process completes by following simple steps:

Step 1: First and foremost Step tell us to select on the Start button and then click on Settingswhich is a gear-shaped icon.

Step 2: Second, click on Apps.

Step 3: After that, Select on Apps and features by clicking on the left Menu.

Step 4:In addition, to the previous Step the user needs to search for NVIDIA Control Panel in the search box. Incase the Control Panel is already installed in your system, the user must uninstall it.

Step 5: The final Step is to install the NVIDIA Control Panel back from the Microsoft store.

Method 4: Unhide NVIDIA Control Panel

One of the possibilities of the error may be that NVIDIA Control Panel may be hidden. Let us say if the NVIDIA Control Panel cannot be located on the Desktop Content Menu or Start Menu it may be so because it is hidden. The main reason behind it is that you may have updated NVIDIA graphics card software. Therefore you need to unhide the NVIDIA Control Panel to fix this error:

Step 1: Firstly, open the control panel and then press Windows+R keys together, following that press control in the run box and consequently press enter.

Step 2: Meanwhile, in the next Step the control panel that opens, try viewing the options by large icons. Also, In addition, open NVIDIA control panel option by double-clicking.

Step 3: Further, look for the desktop or view menu and then click on it. Immediately after that select the add desktop context menu  option from the drop-down.

After completing the following steps it is important to check if the NVIDIA control panel appears in the desktop context menu. If not check out the other methods to fix the error.

Method 6: Update NVIDIA Graphics Driver

There may be chances that the graphics driver is causing the error. Sometimes Graphics driver also causes an issue and is difficult to detect. If the previous methods fail to work for the user then it evident that the graphics driver is causing the problem. However there is no need to panic, we have a solution to this as well. In such a case one must go to Device Manager and update the NVIDIA Graphics Driver to fix NVIDIA control panel missing issue specially in windows10. Follow these simple few steps and get rid of your error :

Step 1: First, press the keys windows+Xon your keyboard to open the win+X menu. The window shows the device manager option on the menu , click on the option to follow the next Step.

we have completed Step 2: After that, in the device manager , seqarch for display adaptors option. Immediately expand it to find the NVIDIA graphics card folder. Once doing that select update driver option by clicking right on the driver.

Step 3: Finally a new window will open your computer screen. Automatically click on search automatically for updated driver software option. This option will search for a driver update and install it if it is available, in case the update is not available it informs that as well.

The next method is the last method the user can try to fix the error.


The last method the user can try is to reinstall the graphics driver. Try reinstalling the graphics driver as well if you have tried out updataion as well. This can be done with the help of a few simple steps:

Step 1: Similarly open the device manager by pressing keys windows+X together and select the device manager that appears.

Step 2: The next Step is also quite similar to what we have done previously. Expand the display adaptors option from the list of drivers in Device Manager.Select the uninstall device option  by clicking right on the NVIDIA graphics card driver.

Step 3: Once you have finally uninstalled the driver you are required to go NVIDIA download driver page.There product series, and options from the respective drop-down menus, concerning the required computer’s configuration to download the latest driver. After completing downloading you can install the driver on your PC.

You can now restart your PC NVIDIA control panel will be available on the desktop context menu and system tray.


The guide also provides a permanent solution to fix the error. Although the other methods provide a solution to the problem in case it fails to do so, method 5 guarantees to fix the error. Try your hand by following these steps:

Step 1: Initially, click on My Computer on your desktop and follow the given folder path:

Program files(x86)

NVIDIA Corporation

Display.Nv Container

In case the user is unable to locate for program files(x86), it is suggested to look for it in program files folder

Step 2: After that, A folder named display.Nv container contains a file display.Nv container. Copy the file by clicking right on it

Step 3: Meanwhile in the next Step open the startup folder. You can do that by pressing windows+R together and opening run box. Further, type shell-startup in the runbox and press enter button.

Step 4: Following the previous Step in the startup folder that was previously opened, paste the copied display.Nv container by clicking right

Step 5: Subsequently after that select the properties option by clicking right on the pasted display.Nv container on the startup folder

Step 6: Finally, the user will find the compatability tab on the properties window. Then select on the run this program as adminstrator and click ok to apply the changes.

As soon as these steps are completed restart your PC to find the control panel back on the desktop content menu. Take a look at other methods too for an easier solution to prevent wastage of time.


Here we come to the end of the guide. Thank You! For your time and patience and reading this guide. We hope we could help you by suggesting simple and different approaches to fix the NVIDIA display settings not available error. These methods will surely will you fix this error permanently.