Raising Dion Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More


Almost two years after Raising Dion’s first season premiered on Netflix, the programme has finally returned for a second season!! Raising Dion.

It is based on Dennis Liu’s 2015 comic book and short film, tells the story of Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright), a widowed mother who discovers her young son Dion (Ja’Siah Young) possesses superhuman abilities.

Pat (Jason Ritter), the best friend of Nicole’s late husband, helped her grasp Dion’s powers during the first season while simultaneously dealing with her own loss and the unique challenges of being a single mother.


What is Raising Dion Season 2 About?

Dion returns to Raising Dion after a two-year hiatus to face a new set of challenges as Nicole struggles to raise him well and keep him safe, a task made more difficult by the appearance of a new threat.

“Season 2 follows Dion as he continues perfecting his powers with the support of his mother and Tevin (Rome Flynn), his Biona trainer who catches Nicole’s interest,” states the official Netflix synopsis for Raising Dion.

Following his friendship with Brayden (Griffin Robert Faulkner), a fellow powered youngster, Dion is confronted with a series of disturbing events.

Dion and Nicole must prevail once more in the face of obstacles and unexpected visits in order to save not only themselves, but the entire city of Atlanta as well.

When was Renewed Raising Dion Season 2?

Netflix confirmed on January 2nd, 2020, that Raising Dion would return for a second season after a few months of waiting following the season 1 premiere. Raising Dion was the first Netflix show to be renewed for the new year.

Variety reported that showrunner Carol Barbee would be returning for Season 2 with the renewal.

There will be no change in executive producer duties for Kenny Goodman and Kim Roth, Dennis Liu, and Charles D. King’s Macro.

Netflix viewers flocked to the show in droves. The IMDb rating for the series presently stands at 7.2/10 as of June 2020. Meanwhile, Raising Dion has a Metacritic score of just 61 out of 100.

Which Cast Members are Returning for Raising Dion Season 2? 

Season 2 of Raising Dion will feature many of the show’s original cast members, including Nicole Wainwright, Dion Young, Pat Ritter, Sammi Haney, and Jazmyn Simon.

Three characters who appeared in Season 1 have been promoted to series regulars for Season 2: Suzanne Wu, Gavin Munn (Jonathan King), and Griffin Robert Faulkner (Brayden Mills).

Michael B. Jordan, who played Nicole’s late husband Mark in flashbacks throughout Season 1, has been left out of the cast for the second season.

However, Jordan is still participating with the project as an executive producer, so we may still expect for his appearance on screen.

Who are the New Cast Members for Raising Dion Season 2?

Season 2 of Raising Dion will feature a slew of newcomers. In February 2021, Deadline announced that Rome Flynn, Aubriana Davis, Tracey Bonner, and Josh Ventura will join the returning cast.

As “a former long-distance runner and Olympic track coach, Tevin Wakefield becomes Dion’s trainer and mentor,” Flynn will portray him.

After being brought to Biona by her mother for help managing her “behavioural issues,” Davis will play 15-year-old Janelle Carr.

Simone, Janelle’s mother, will be played by Bonner, who hopes for her daughter’s return to normalcy.

Additionally, Ventura will portray David Marsh, “Biona’s new Vice President of Operations, who aspires to revive his personal relationship with Suzanne Wu.

What’s On Netflix claims that Scott Daniel Johnson, who will play a character named Joe in Season 2, will join Michael Anthony as Gary Stafford.

Raising Dion Season 2 Production Schedule

As previously mentioned, due to the pandemic and the resulting long delays, manufacturing was unable to get underway as originally planned.

Although it was originally planned to begin filming at some point in 2020, Netflix’s COVID-19 constraints have pushed back the commencement date significantly.

However, production began in January of that year. Preliminary schedules indicate that filming will take place from January 19 to May 24. Production is expected to last several months.

Season 2 will shoot at EUE Screens Gems Studios in Atlanta, Georgia once more. Alisha Wainwright, who plays Nicole, hasn’t had many images taken on set, but you can see her covered up on the set here.

How Season 1 of the Raising Dion Ended?

After Brayden’s final confrontation with Dion, we see him appear to be possessed by The Crooked Man, indicating that their friendship will likely take a bad turn in the future.

Promotional images also imply that Pat will be returned in some way, proving that he miraculously evaded the ultimate showdown.

The Crooked Man may no longer have his abilities, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be held responsible for his actions.

Is Raising Dion Based on a Comic Book?

It is true that Raising Dion was inspired by the Marvel Comics character. For example, unlike Iron Man or Batman from Marvel or DC, this is a creator-owned comic.

It was authored by Dennis Liu, who currently serves as executive producer of this Netflix adaptation of the 2015 comic book (and short film).

How Many Episodes will There be in Raising Dion Season 2?

There will be eight episodes in Season 2 of the series, Variety has confirmed following news of the show’s renewal.

There will be one less episode than in the first season, but it’s better than nothing. They’ll undoubtedly be just as jam-packed with the titular, burgeoning superhuman’s pleasant sci-fi antics, if not more so.


The first episode of Raising Dion aired near the end of the year. Season 2 will premiere on February 1st, 2022, following a lengthy production cycle following the show’s renewal.

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Raising Dion is a Netflix Original superhero-drama series based on Dennis Liu’s comic book series of the same name, which premiered in March of 2013.