8 Best Remote Desktop Software in 2021 : Free and Paid

Remote Desktop Software

Hey, are you the one who is looking for a flexible remote platform to mold around your business processes and needs? If so, then just go ahead in looking into this article as it may help you to choose the best desktop software. Being the computing world, the demand for remote desktop software is growing up rapidly.

8 Best Remote Desktop Software

No matter where you are either at home or halfway around the globe, you can control and keep track of your business instantly by just sitting at home. Now, let us get a quick overview of top platforms.

Remote Desktop Software

1. Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote platform that allows users to connect remotely. It is considered to be a one-stop shop especially for all startups who are looking for a computing solution. It helps to establish a remote desktop connection see the remote screen and control the mouse remotely.

If you wish to launch the app, you can directly send an invitation to your client to see their screen. Using this Zoho Assist platform, you can sit in any corner of the world and access your client’s desktop within a fraction of seconds.

The main feature of Zoho Assist is it has a simple and intuitive design which makes it easy to use. Apart from that features like bidirectional file transfer, multi-monitor navigation, voice and video chat, and rebooting remote devices without losing your connection to them are available.

This platform enables you to connect through Web-based, Mac, or Android. Last but not least, you need not worry about communication and about data because it totally a secure application. Having over more than 35 million users, it is the best remote platform.

2. Remote PC

Remote PC is a remote desktop software that allows a user to remotely control another PC through a proprietary protocol. It comes both for Windows and Mac. Remote PC includes a good set of features like remote printing, file transfer, live chat, screen sharing, and session recording.

If we look into user reviews, it suggests that this platform is absolutely perfect and essential for connecting to many home automation systems. Thus, Remote PC’s user interface is quite good and simple to use, so you can definitely buy this software depending on your yearly plan.

3. Connectwise Control

Connectwise Control is solid remote desktop software wherein you have the best features over here. Using this it helps all the technicians to make their work more productive by assisting each other with uninterrupted service. You can conduct online seminars and prepare presentations for remote meetings effectively.

The latest update of this software brought enhanced security over your data and the user interface is improved. Overall Connectwise Control is a fast, reliable, and hassle-free software that enables you to collaborate and work on the same task simultaneously.

4. Remote Utilities for Windows

Remote Utilities is another remote desktop software specially created for IT professionals. Here, you can assist remote colleagues and clients through an internet ID connection without a network configuration. It has several features like remote screen viewing, keystroke sending, mouse pointer control, Self-hosted support, proxy server support, the ability to connect multiple remote desktops at once, and file transfers. This remote viewing service allows you 24/7 remote access to all linked servers.

It also developed applications for Android devices allowing users to control computers with their mobile devices. Moreover, all the data over here is encrypted to ensure the security of the users. The major downside of this application was, it was incompatible with the Mac operating system but in the latest versions, you can also connect your Mac OS.

5. TeamViewer14

TeamViewer is regarded as the best-known remote desktop software across the globe. The things which attracted users are: it provides fast and safe remote access, it’s scalable, it connects to any of your devices may be Mac or Android, doesn’t require any additional software.

Teamviewer is one of the applications which is the fastest in transferring the larger compressible file and is compatible with many devices than other platforms. Apart from that screen sharing, session recordings, audio, and video calls and file sharing are other exaggerating features that made this platform more popular.

6. LogMeIn Pro

If you are looking for a flexible remote desktop platform then LogMein Pro is the finest one. It offers cost-effective packages that allow you to access your files from anywhere and at any time. Remote printing, file manager, desktop sharing, drive mapping are the multiple features of LogMeIn Pro.

The best part about LogMein Pro is even if you don’t have a laptop on hand, you can still access your computer files from your mobile device either through a web browser or an app. Thus, with this software, you can collaborate instantly and seamlessly with your business partners.

7. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is a robust application that is used globally in all small and medium scale businesses, especially those that have multiple IT teams working across different departments. This software allows clients’ computers to be accessed by the host computer from a different location.

It is capable of managing different cloud accounts from a single interface. The user review says that the overall performance of this Desktop manager is at its best without any lag. Moreover, you can launch the platform in 10 seconds and connect to any local network drive instantaneously. Last but not least, having a pretty good interface you would definitely love working with Remote Desktop Manager.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an incredible application that is simple and easy to use. This desktop software tool is crafted by Google under their unofficial proprietary protocol. This tool is supported by Linux, Windows, Mac as well as on Android and iOS devices. To access Chrome Remote Desktop you just need to have a Google Chrome web browser.

Being open-source software, it is completely free to access. There are a few drawbacks to using this platform. Firstly, you cannot share or copy files from the remote desktop. Secondly, there isn’t any option like video and voice chat. Irrespective of the drawbacks, this application is best in terms of safety and it costs nothing to use.


Specifically, over the last few years, Remote Desktop Software has gained huge popularity. It is a practical tool that helps all IT professionals to work from home. Though they are many other software, the above mentioned are the top ones which you can use and get connected to.