The Circle USA Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More


The historic apartment building has now been taken over by nine contenders who are vying to be voted the most popular.

They have the option of either pretending to be someone else or posing as someone else, with $100,000 at stake for the winner.

After Channel 4’s decision to cancel the British version, the series was created.

Buteau returns to host this season’s eight new profiles as they try to win the $100,000 prize by flirting with each other and making friends with each other. Who will it be, though?

You can find out everything you need to know about the new series, including the contestants.


A Brief Description of The Circle USA Series

The Circle is a Netflix original American reality competition series created by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group.

It premiered in January 2020 and has since been dubbed “The Circle US.” Inspired by the same-titled British television series of the 1970s.

Due to a collaboration between Netflix and All3Media, The Circle is now available in France and Brazil in addition to the United States.

“Anyone may be anyone in The Circle” is the premise of the series, which is based on social media. When it comes to ratings, it’s been likened to Black Mirror’s “Nosedive” and Big Brother’s “Big Brother”.

The Circle USA Season 3

The Circle’s third season premiered on Netflix on September 8th, 2021, and concluded on September 29th, 2021 in the United States.

[1] The Circle got renewed for a second and third season by Netflix in March 2020. It was Michelle Buteau’s third time hosting.

In the same vein as past seasons, players vie for the title of most popular, but they never meet the people they’re competing against.

A specifically built app allows them to communicate with each other in any way they see fit. The show got picked up for a fourth and fifth season in August of 2021, just in time for the season debut.

What is the Circle?

Michelle Buteau hosts this reality show in which competitors are locked in an apartment complex for the duration of the show and can only communicate through the use of social media.

It’s possible for the players to act as if they’re someone else entirely, allowing them to perform pranks on each other.

What Is the Prize?

Perhaps you’re asking why somebody would willingly put themselves through something like this on a television show.

Let me tell you something: Aside from fame, there’s also a chance to win $100,000. In addition to the $10,000 prize for the Fan Favorite,

How can a Contestant Become a Winner

As the game progresses, contestants on The Circle must rate their fellow players, and the highest-rated players (referred to as “influencers”) vote to “block” (i.e. eliminate) their peers until only one contestant remains—and that person wins $100,000!

There are alliances formed; friends and foes are made—basically, you’re getting paid to live out a social media nightmare on national television.

The Circle season 3 is presently streaming on Netflix, and if you’d want to catch up on the first two seasons, you can do so by checking out Netflix’s previous episodes of seasons 1 and 2. It’s going to be a wild ride!

How to apply to be on The Circle

Netflix is now filming seasons 4 and 5 of The Circle, despite the fact that season 3 has already been completed.

Netflix has launched a new casting website,, for its reality shows.

Netflix writes on the casting page for The Circle: “In order to succeed, you’ll need to exert influence over others. If you want to win, you’ll need a plan, some skill, and some luck… Why are you a great fit for the #CircleFam?”

Residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or Ireland are eligible to apply.

Winner of The Circle USA Season 3

On September 29, 2021, James Andre Jefferson Jr., playing under his real name, won the season and the associated US$100,000 prize.

The runner-up was “Ashley” actor Matthew Pappadia. The “Fan Favorite” award went to Keisha “Kai” Ghost, who received US$10,000.

The Circle USA Host

Michelle Buteau, a stand-up comedian from the United States, is the show’s host and narrator .From Key and Peele to Russian Doll, the New Jersey-born actress has appeared in a variety of television shows.

Some of her other credits include Someone Great, Isn’t It Romantic, Always Be My Maybe, Happiest Season and the soon-to-be-released Jennifer Lopez-Owen Wilson film Marry Me

The Circle USA Season 3 Contestants

The following is a list of the competitors who will be taking the stage:

Ruksana (from NJ)

Nick (from Seattle)

Calvin (from Miami)

Michelle (from South Carolina)

Kai (from Nashville)

Daniel (from Florida)

Ava & Chanel (from Los Angeles)

Matthew (from Long Island)

Courtney Revolution and Too Hot to Handle contestant Chloe Veitch were just two of the noteworthy players on the second season of The Circle.

Khat Bell and Lance Bass’s assistant Lisa Delcampo were also on the roster. Who knows who we’ll see on the third season.

When was The Circle Season 3 Filmed?

Because of the epidemic, the production team was able to get a jump start on Season 3 thanks to a more flexible timetable.

In Salford, a suburb of Manchester, England, the show’s famous apartment block was the site of simultaneous filming for Seasons 2 and 3, according to Distractify.

This season’s candidates are believed to have been quarantined for at least two weeks before to filming in Manchester, as was the case with Season 2.

In November 2020, the Season 3 participants would have waited over a year for their episodes to air, according to rumours (which sounds like something out of the Love is Blind playbook).

The Circle USA Filming Location

Surprisingly, the US version of The Circle was filmed in the same Salford, Manchester apartment complex as the British version.

A block of flats with 12 furnished apartments, each worth at roughly £145,000 in 2019, is where the American participants live as the show’s skylines of Milwaukee and Chicago are shown.


It’s no secret that the reality series The Circle on Netflix is full of surprises. In the first season and second season of the social media tournament, the most popular players were knocked out and the underdogs rose to the top.

Season 3 of The Circle is on its way, barely a few months after the release of the second season, by the Netflix gods.