The Face Solo Guitar Is Changing

The Face Solo Guitar Is Changing

I recently “read the comments” (in this case, replies to a tweet) about Grayson Haver Currin’s article from this week in Arts & Leisure about how solo guitar has long been dominated by white male figures like John Fahey, but that women, nonbinary instrumentalists, and people of colour are bringing new creative energy and much-needed change to the scene.The Face Solo Guitar Is Changing

Helping Me See Things

This experience served to remind me of why this story is so important in the first place. (A line of guys responding to tweets with the names of well-known guitarists from different genres, such Jimi Hendrix. Thank you, you’re truly helping me see things! Cleanse your soul and timeline with Yasmin Williams, Marisa Anderson, Tashi Dorji, Rachika Nayar, and Gwenifer Raymond’s music and stories.

Young males in particular have dominated the market and the marketplace, according to Anderson. But I’m not going to spend my days concentrating on patriarchy and masculinity. I’m going to keep going and do what I can.”

Remarkable Work of Don Cherry and His Wife and Co-Creator Moki Cherry

The trumpeter Don Cherry and his wife and co-creator Moki Cherry did some remarkable work in Sweden beginning in the late 1960s, according to Giovanni Russonello, who took a look back at their accomplishments. RubĂ©n Blades and Ed Morales spoke about their latest endeavour, “Salswing!,” which highlights the affinities between jazz and Afro-Cuban music.

As an alternative to the conventional album cycle, musicians are now frequently revisiting a single song. This new tendency was identified by Jon Caramanica. (If Louder ever seems to be repeating itself, just think of it as a remix of an earlier, more popular edition.)

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