Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot and More


All You Need To Know About Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers is a manga & anime series by Ken Wakui which has captivated fans around the world. The series’ popularity skyrocketed after it was adjusted into an anime, leading to a rise in its fan base.

Tokyo Revengers fans were hoping for some headlines about the series’ season 2 during the eagerly awaited Jump Festa 2022. Much to their relief, Season two of Tokyo Revengers has already been officially confirmed.

Season two of Tokyo Revengers had already begun shooting, but no release date has been announced. season1 of the show ended up taking about 9 months to complete, so viewers can anticipate the second season in July 2022.

Fans also did receive a Christmas present in the form of a sneak peek about what to anticipate in the second season of the show.


Release Date

Season two of “Tokyo Revengers” is almost certainly confirmed, and anime fans can expect it to officially launch in mid-to-late 2022. Season one was completed quickly, and it’s entirely plausible that Second season is in the tends to work but is still not known. Although “Tokyo Revengers'” profit would seem to be a decent choice for 2022, viewers would most probably be waiting there till way sooner 2023 to see season 2.

How Many Tokyo Revengers Volumes Are There?

As of Feb 2022, the Tokyo Revengers anime series series had 26 volumes posted in Japan.

Shinpei Funatsu wrote and illustrated Tdai Revengers, a sendup spin-off manga.

Tokyo Revengers Season two main characters

Takemichi Hanagaki is a 26-year-old boy; continuous humiliation has managed to make him a detached, shy, & unconfident person; when he wake up at age of 14, he decides to modify his useless life, becoming a strong soul such that his friends & girlfriend do not die; he becomes a pioneer and fights bullies but continuously tries to blame himself for Hinata Tachibana’s death.

Hinata Tachibana – a joyful, caring, and sweet student, Takemichi’s darling, who will die once she is 12; prepared to protect Takemichi in any scenario, living in fear the loutish gang leaders.

Naoto Tachibana – Hinata’s younger brother; thanks to a shaking hand with him, Takemichi is capable of traveling in time; Takemichi keeps asking him to lend him the all details about when he & his sister would die. When will the season 2 of Tokyo Revengers be released

Season 2 Characters of Tokyo Revengers:

  • J. Beckles plays Takemichi.


  • Hinata is played by Lizzie Freeman.


  • Griffin Puata takes on the role of Naoto Tachibana.


  • Mikey is played by Aleks Le.

Plot of Season one of the Tokyo Revengers

The plot revolves around a young man named Takemichi Hanagaki, who went through with a lot during his adolescence because of his lacking in self, harassment with his other classmates & elders, and continual embarrassment, he managed to lose his own importance & spirit, although he was not all like that, There was a time since he was completely sure of himself. He confronted other boys from the other school to a battle or fight with his classmates. Takemichi rushes into the fight without hesitation.

When he was 14, he used to have a girlfriend named Hinata Tachibana. Everything is now a distant memory for Takemichi. Currently, a 26-year-old child is a puppet in the neighbourhood gangsters, continuing to live his fresh gangster life, but then everything changed after he saw something surprising on TV… Takemichi learned that a related young woman, his high school girlfriend Hinata, ended up dead along with her younger brother.

When he comes back to reality, he is seeing himself on the train tracks, powered by his memories and the terrible news of Hinata’s death. He thinks regarding his girlfriend again a few secs before he dies. He suddenly realises that he has travelled back in time to the day he seemed to be 12 years old.

Trying to make sense of the situation, Takemichi realises that he now has the ability to move from past to the present and back again simply by handshake with Naoto Tachibana. Now he has the opportunity to make amends with his past by preventing his dear girlfriend from dying and. But how does he accomplish this? Will it be successful? Will he be able to change himself? Sure, it should all begin with itself!

Rating for the first season:

Despite the fact that Crunchyroll doesn’t really reveal audience data for livecast titles, it’s indeed easy seeing how famous Toman is just around the world. Tokyo Revengers season one has did receive over 337,000 ratings on MyAnimeList, yielding an incredible 8.25/10 rating.

Is Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers worth watching?

Season one of Tokyo Revengers was, to put it mildly, spectacular. It had a good story, and also great action scenes & stunning visuals.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Plot:

At the start of “Tokyo Revengers,” Takemichi is 26 years old but has little optimism for the world after learning that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, & her brother have really been brutally murdered by the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takemichi is heartbroken, and yet when he is abruptly transported back in history 12 years, he does have the chance to change everything.

Takemichi appears to take advantage of a situation to notify Hinata, but she’s still awake when he returns to the present. Unfortunately, his actions had unintended consequences as well.

From that point forward, Takemichi is able to go back & forth among the present & 12 years ago, doing all he can to gain political power in Toman & prevent countless violent events from happening. The gang, on either hand, is potentially unpredictable & treacherous, & Takemichi is obviously out of his deep. At the close of the second episode, Takemichi tries to learn that he has been assigned to lead a first split, which is wonderful news, but the audience then is left with such a substantial cliffhanger that wants to put Takemichi’s lives in danger.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Highlights

The next season will undoubtedly be exciting, as evidenced by the Sneak Peek. Even so, according to the anime series, the upcoming season may feature the Christmas Conflict, in which a conflict arises between Takemichi’s gang & the opponent Black Dragon gang.

Takemichi must travel back in time to avoid a Christmas night conflict among both his older brother, Hakkai Shiba, and a supporter of the rebel group, Taiju Shiba, a trouble maker who has troubled his brother for years.

Takemichi, on either hand, will struggle to change this facet of his background.

second season, or used seperate to create a standalone film or an OVA series.

Nonetheless, it is far from certain that this segment are included in the season 2 used or separately to create a solo film or even a new OVA series.

Tokyo Revengers Season Two Leaks

Tokyo Revengers has emerged as a powerful contestant for the most popular new anime series in 2021. The Tokyo Revengers anime series series recently reached the incredible landmark of 40 million times in print. The manga proceeded to win the Kodansha Manga Prize for the 44th time.

The anime has a large fan base and enough content to warrant more seasons. The declaration for Tokyo Revengers Second season is expected to be made very soon. Season 2 leaks are making the rounds on the internet, despite the fact that the news has still not been officially confirmed. The Tokyo Revengers Second season anime is currently in production, according to many Twitter leakers.

Which Volumes Will Be Covered in Season 2?

Second season of Tokyo Revengers could well start with manga series volume 9 and finished to manga volume 12. Volumes 1–8 were adapted for the season 1of the Tokyo Revengers anime.

So, if you want to pick up where the anime left off & proceed the Tokyo Revengers plot, check out Tokyo Revengers Anime series Volume 9 in English.

Where to watch Tokyo Revengers Season two?

The show is well-known, & many people are curious about on which they can watch it. However, the series is easily accessible via Netflix or even the Crunchyroll app & website.

Aside from that, it’s available on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel, in which you can watch it for free without having to pay anything extra.


Hopefully, you now have an idea of when Tokyo Revengers Season two will be released, and let’s hope that it will be followed by a Tokyo Revengers Third season launch date. Also, as previously stated, I will post an update as soon as official information about the release date of the new season is available.