Best VPN You Can Buy in 2020

A Virtual private network or VPN is connecting your server tunnel (PC, tablet or smartphone) to another computer (server) network tunnel securely over the internet and helps you to use that computer’s network connection to transmit data. So if the server you use is in the different country and if you are coming from that country it makes easy to access things that you couldn’t normally. You can either use your VPN from your place itself or you individually can create a VPN server depending on the need.

If you are searching for the privacy online, using a VPN is a great begin. The major factor is you can use VPN on multiple devices and they are legal but using privacy online for a crime is illegal-a crime is always a crime, no matter how you commit it.

How to Use VPN?

VPN helps you to encrypt the data as it travels from one to another over an internet. You can gain access to restricted websites and allows you to surf websites privately as well as securely. VPN mostly used to come across protecting private web traffic from snooping, interference and censorship which is connected between two or more devices.

Consumer use VPNs to secure their online activity and allows to access services to different sites. Companies use VPN’s to connect distant employees as they work under same local network at office.


  1. It helps an individual to buy and set up their own private network securely through an encryption and some others have introduced VPN solutions to develop their guarantee levels in service to an extent.
  2. Websites can be tracked using VPN such as Cookies, DNS leaks, money trails, Browser fingerprinting a technique with high accuracy. They are seven websites that stay away and are not being tracked online such as Incognito windows, pay with crypto currency, a no-log VPN, Advanced: use tails OS.
  3. It is very difficult to tell if someone is using VPN or not neither intelligence agency nor tech Company if you run some hacking scripts and put some effort to know about that person’s public IP address. Mostly it’s highly impossible to figure out or track someone’s information using VPN.
  4. Using VPN detection techniques i.e. IP address, Port number, Deep packet inspection which were highly varied from basic to advanced connections.

Top VPN of 2020

Express VPN

It has unlimited bandwidth and data caps for completely unrestricted torrent. It has no logs and is formed in privacy-friendly location not to interrupt any leakage of history to anyone. Using bit torrent client with constant anonymity is safe. It overcomes content restrictions and censorship that allow and come up with unlimited access to the music, video, and social media from anywhere.

Express VPN do not reveal your IP address and encrypt the data network which hides your work or history of what you are doing. “ONE CLICK OR ONE PRESS, YOU ARE SAFE”. A single subscription forwards you to use apps for each and multiple device by an individual itself like Mac, Windows, Android, IOS, Linux, Routers etc.


  • No network blocking and access every content of Netflix.
  • Multiple protocol choices and no logging
  • It helps in securing individual identity for activation and torrent is allowed.
  • Every VPN is rapid and can connect multiple server locations.


  • Highly expensive and we cannot disclose servers due to policy issues which may not help in clearing services.
  • Connectivity issues in android where streaming fails due to geo-restrictions as per the locations.
  • Installing Express VPN keep getting unusual warnings from malware bytes anti-malware and false Graphical User Interface (GUI) of Linux.

Nord VPN

It dispatch all the users internet traffic through a remote server which runs by the service and locks IP address and encryption of input, output data.


  • High speed accuracy and stable.
  • More protection with double VPN and Netflix service support kept updated.


  • Torrent availability for few servers.
  • Configuration of open VPN is not friendly-user.
  • Slow connection.

 IP Vanish

It is a global VPN service which provides user friendly environment for every internet activity. While commencing VPN connection user internet traffic goes through an encrypted tunnel where IP address is concealed. You can install it on your on router for a wide protection network.


  • Highly secured with forced 256-bit encryption, own infrastructure and good availability.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, no logs, and unlimited P2P traffic.


  • Poor client application and more privacy service issues.
  • You can access some of your favorite shows and movies. Few servers work with Netflix.

Pure VPN


  • Best gaming experience and multi device compatibility which encrypts your internet traffic securely.
  • Intrusive censorship and helps in accessing better deals online.


  • Inactive speed download and improper log policy.
  • Poor connectivity of network for multiple servers.                                       

Private Internet Access


  • Several features which include a connection kill switch that prevents internet traffic when VPN gets failed.
  • PIA supports specific specifications and has unlimited bandwidth, port forwarding.
  • Fast download speed and best choice for torrent.


  • You can’t browse to internet when connected to VPN.
  • Lack of advanced options.


VPN Area

It has lengthy list of appealing features which is offshore security and encrypted tunnel is created between client –server.

 Benefits –

  • It helps in securing your online connection effectively.
  • VPNs make online gaming better which able to play in any geographical region.
  • It takes part in online price differentiation.


  • No stronger encryption provided
  • Logging and potential reselling internet traffic and form leads to third parties.


It has lot to offer with major user friendly interface and fast connection speed and reliable security.


  • It offers router compatibility including server locations.
  • High connecting speed was fast enough.
  • It provides stable forward secrecy.


  • Buffered VPN was unable to bypass any hard or tough geo-blocks on popular streaming sites.
  • Failed to unblock Netflix.

Cyber Ghost

It is Reliable and ultra-secure’ Powerful encryption.


  • It helps in connecting seven devices simultaneously which are intuitive and easy to use.
  • These connections are fast and reliable.
  • It exceeds competitors Express VPN and Nord VPN.


  • Cyber Ghost will not work out of lateral thinking.
  • Low potential data jurisdiction and anonymity.

Private VPN


  • Good streaming at unbeatable price with reliable speed and highly stable.
  • Multiple local connections.


  • Wide range of network is impossible which lessen speed.
  • No apps for Linux or DNS game consoles.

Final Words

Virtual private Network is the most enhanced technology in the field of information technology. Highly stable communication transmitted data within the network. It reduces or decreases cost as it has leased circuit line and lasts to a wider range for call charges. It protects the data from hackers and intruders using encryption tunnel. VPN is highly secured in transferring data and password authentication system for accessing the data. Using online websites or website applications VPN provides online anonymity.

Firewall VPN provides video access to the entertainment department but reveals from internet traffic from external access. Communication for an organization is very important where VPN secures data while transmission. Extends geographic connectivity, improves internet security and scales up easily in the process of data transmission. It uses a public telecommunication infrastructure within the network. Hiding browsing and protecting the data, beating online censorship are major functions.